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Sidera Decreases Latency on Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network

By admin, July 20, 2012 6:07 pm

Sidera Networks?(News – Alert) has unveiled an enhanced Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network, thereby considerably decreasing the latency between important financial data centers and exchanges in the New York/New Jersey Metro area. Sidera’s position as one of the major providers of low latency to financial services firms has been ensured with the latest latency reductions. This achievement has also been confirmed by its network which carries trillions of dollars in trades every day.

In a release, Clint Heiden?(News – Alert), president, Sidera Networks said, “Since the development and launch of the Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network in 2010, Sidera Networks has proudly served the low latency requirements of financial services market. We have committed to customers that we will maintain our low latency edge so that they can meet their application requirements, including electronic trading. When completed, this upgrade will deliver on that commitment. Additionally, low latency connectivity to NYSE’s Mahwah, NJ data center is critical to our customers. We will provide a unique, low latency connection to that facility.”

Financial service organizations and customers, who have high bandwidth requirements, heavily stress on diversity, low latency, and performance. These customers will be provided planned benefits by Sidera’s Xtreme Ultra-Low Latency Network. Sidera’s network covers seven Manhattan river crossings and also boasts of an exceptional conduit system. Sidera’s Transcom Route helps in offering an exclusive and different route from NY to DC. Sidera also offers the lowest latency routes from NY/NJ to Chicago, Toronto, and London. Dark fiber, wavelengths and Ethernet also comprise the offerings from Sidera.

Larry Tabb, Founder and CEO, Tabb Group said, “Network connectivity is key to any company’s ability to transact and access information. The New York/New Jersey market is an important region for the financial services market. There are exchanges; market data hubs and other key data housed in these data centers throughout the region. Backup Files: BKFAcrobat Files: PDFHow To:How to recover files from hard drive volumes that were formatted in order to remove viruses and other malware:How to know if a normal or advanced scan is needed:How to recover only selected file types:How to recover and restore hard drive recovery service from an accidently deleted volume:How to recover deleted files within a specific time range: Don’t worry, you can still place an order.. Network redundancy, reliability and accessibility to these information hubs are key concerns for companies as they architect their networks for more efficient communications.”

Carrier and enterprise consumers are offered customized, high capacity communications services by Sidera Networks. A wide-ranging portfolio of facilities-based offerings like Ethernet, Wavelength, Dark Fiber, Internet Access, Colocation and SONET among others is delivered by Sidera. ?

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Combining Diversity and Low Latency with Sidera and Sabey

By admin, July 2, 2012 3:03 pm

The recent collaboration between Sidera Networks?(News – Alert) and Sabey Data Centers means a few things for the evolution of the data center industry not the least of which is the combining of diversity and latency. Clint Heiden?(News – Alert), president of Sidera, shed some light at last week’s Telecom Exchange 2012 in New York City on what has influenced Sidera’s decisions over the last several months, and what all this cloud business means moving forward for the industry.

As a provider of fiber optic-based network solutions, Sidera brings its market expertise to Sabey Data Centers to connect its properties in New York, Ashburn, VA, and Seattle, WA.

Heiden said that the two major reasons Sidera has “gone after the data center” include the movement to the cloud and how “the ability to do things for data centers is coming to fruition.” The developments in the fiber-optic network space now enable impressive connectivity.

“We are able to take a Sabey data center in New York and one in Seattle and make them feel like the same data center. The theory is that the latency is so low you can back up your data in Washington State where power is 2 cents and have it feel like power in New York where data is 14 cents,” said Heiden. Making the connectivity of the highest quality at the lowest cost is what this collaboration brings to market.

Ubiquity is also at the forefront of this collaborative partnership. Sidera’s goal is for a user to be able to have the Internet at the same price in one location as the next. “If I go to Clifden or Secausus, a 1 gig is the same as it is in Chicago. From budgeting standpoint, the operators can go to their bosses, and they can tell them they can disperse data traffic across whichever points they want because Sidera prices the entire Internet at one price,” said Heiden.

Sabey will be able to focus on its financial and healthcare customers more keenly now as the diversity and low latency brought to its data centers with Sidera’s collaboration will enable it to continue to deliver prime uptime, scale, and service. John Sabey, president of the company, noted in the news, “Sidera allows us to extend that focus with unique diversity and low-latency connectivity throughout the New York Metro and between New York and Ashburn, VA, which are critical areas for our financial services and healthcare customers.”

Essentially, the diversity of the connections while maintaining low latency is what Sidera focuses on in order to deliver this high-quality connectivity. “The cloud is making things simple – that’s what it’s about,” said Heiden. “Infrastructure and IT pricing. It’s the next level of simplicity. It’s about supplying the best amount of bandwidth necessary.”

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Sidera Networks Provides Dedicated Connectivity to Digital Realty’s Four Data Centers

By admin, June 18, 2012 7:19 pm

If selecting the right data center is a strategic business decision, then selecting the correct network is equally important, especially with the cloud revolution gathering momentum. online slots . That is why Digital Realty, which delivers customer driven data center solutions, chose Sidera Networks?(News – Alert) to provide a dedicated network ring to connect its four key data centers.

“We recognize that data center operations rely on the most elite network infrastructure for connectivity to enable and support critical business communications,” said Andrew Schaap, vice president, sales at Digital Realty.

Sidera’s high capacity, high availability network ring now provides Digital Realty’s customers dedicated connectivity between and among key facilities located in Chicago, New Jersey, New York and Ashburn, and a diverse option for critical high-bandwidth applications, said company officials.

Digital Realty, which focuses on delivering customer driven data center solutions by providing secure, reliable and cost effective facilities that meet each customer’s unique data center needs, constantly structures its products and operations to align with the needs of the company.

Tailoring big bandwidth offers to the needs of cloud-cloud connectivity is a trend that is catching on rapidly and Sidera Networks, a provider of fiber optic-based network solutions, which has been pushing data center connectivity lately, ?is well positioned to deliver a dedicated high capacity, low latency ring.

Sidera is committed to delivering cost-effective, custom solutions coupled with superior industry expertise, service and support.

Hence, in addition to providing a low latency option to interconnect infrastructure in the four key data centers, Sidera’s scalable and redundant network will also provide direct connectivity to all major Northeast financial exchanges, as well as sites in London and Toronto.

TMCnet reported that Sidera Networks signed up with the latest channel agent Interactive Telecom solutions, which will now market Sidera Networks’ services to its clients.

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Cross River Fiber to Extend Network to New Jersey Financial Sector

By admin, May 29, 2012 6:10 pm

Cross River Fiber has announced plans to build a direct dark fiber network that connects Mahwah, New Jersey with other major financial hubs in the northern New Jersey area.

The announcement comes just days after NYSE Euronext (NYX) completed enhancements to its data center, opening up the facility to a greater number of service providers looking to acquire data center space and offer services within NYSE Technology’s Mahwah facility. Companies like Cross River Fiber are now able to offer “express connectivity” to financial services firms that require access to high bandwidth, resilient and ultra-low latency fiber infrastructures.

“For the past year we have been designing and constructing dedicated, ultra-low latency fiber optic solutions for the financial services community and beyond,” Vincenzo Clemente, CEO of Cross River Fiber, noted in a statement. “Now companies that leverage NYSE’s Mahwah data center facilities gain access to our Express Direct network solutions between Mahwah, NJ and other key financial services hubs in cities such as Carteret, Secaucus and Weehawken.”

NYSE Technologies, which manages NYSE Euronext, says that the new telco ‘meet-me’ rooms are expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2013. Currently, customers looking to connect to Mahwah from outside the facility are required to rely on existing SFTI Optic, IP, Wave and VPN services.

Cross River Fiber – along with any other service providers looking to take advantage of the new data center capabilities – will soon have the ability to deploy direct fiber cross-connects to other colocation participants.

Fierce Telecom?(News – Alert) reports that Cross River Fiber is far from alone in its desire to extend their fiber networks to the door of the financial services community. The site believes that major players like Verizon?(News – Alert) and smaller competitors including like Lightower and Sidera Networks are expected to throw their hat in the ring and compete with Cross River Fiber in the coming months.

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RagingWire Picks Sidera Networks

By admin, April 13, 2012 3:48 pm

RagingWire Data Centers, a company offering highly customized and flexible collocation wholesale solutions, recently selected Sidera Networks (News – Alert) to connect to their new Ashburn, VA. data center.

Dan Golding, vice president and general manager of RagingWire’s Virginia data center said that adding Sidera Networks into their Virginia facility is a win-win situation for customers.

RagingWire chose Sidera’s network for its unique route, which bypasses Washington, DC. In fact, Sidera’s robust and expanding fiber-optic network in the Washington, DC area, including Ashburn, VA., is helping various financial services firms and other high bandwidth customers.

Sidera offers connectivity to most of the major metropolitan areas on the East Coast, as well as Chicago and London, with low latency and the ability to bypass those metropolitan congestion points if necessary. The company’s partnership helps to solidifies RagingWire’s commitment to providing the highest possible levels of service to their customers, no matter how large their bandwidth needs or how low their latency requirements.

With a fiber optic network leveraging unique rights-of-way that delivers connectivity to the major metropolitan areas from Maine to Virginia and out to Chicago, as well as access to Toronto and London, Sidera promises to deliver cost-effective, custom solutions to its customers base.

“Sidera Networks and RagingWire Data Centers share a philosophy of delivering unique options to customers,” says Clint Heiden (News – Alert), president, Sidera Networks in a statement. “The combination of RagingWire’s focus on 2N+1 design, and innovative facility design, combined with Sidera’s focus on diverse connectivity, including a Washington, DC bypass route, offers an unmatched option for end-customers trying to get in and out of Ashburn, VA.”

In related news, CDW (News casino online .gif” /> – Alert)-G and Sidera Networks have teamed up to provide Columbia College in Chicago with fast access to educational and media resources at a significant savings.

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Sidera Expands Network into Sentinel Data Centers’ NJ-1 Data Center

By admin, November 17, 2011 9:08 pm

Sidera Networks (News – Alert), a provider of fiber optic-based network solutions, has expanded its network into Sentinel Data Centers’ NJ-1 data center.

Sidera Networks’s high-capacity communications services are preferred by carrier and enterprise customers. Its comprehensive suite of facilities-based services includes Ethernet, SONET, wavelength, dark fiber, Internet access, colocation and others. Its fiber optic network delivers connectivity to the major metropolitan areas from Maine to Virginia and out to Chicago, as well as access to Toronto and London.

Mike Sicoli, CEO of Sidera Networks, said, “Sidera Networks is excited to be able to serve the growing roster of Fortune 500 customers within the Sentinel NJ-1 facility.”

“We appreciate that Sentinel’s customers are highly quality-sensitive with respect to their data center environment and feel that the robust, scalable and ultra low latency nature of our Xtreme network is a perfect fit in connecting these users to key exchanges and interconnection points throughout the NY/NJ metro area,” Sicoli added.

According to officials, this expansion will help Sentinel’s customers to access Sidera’s Xtreme Ultra-low Latency Network. Sidera’s high capacity, high availability Xtreme ultra-low latency network enables very low latency paths between the New York metropolitan area financial exchanges and major locations for providing diverse and resilient connectivity. casino spiele .

However, Xtreme is able to keep traffic exclusively in New Jersey or extend into New York depending on customers’ specific routing requirements which are different from other commercial networks.Officials revealed that Sentinel recently completed the first phase of the construction and commissioning of its 330,000 square foot, multi-tenant NJ-1 facility. This facility can meet the most stringent enterprise standards, and is LEED Gold pre-certified with best-in-region energy efficiency.Nelson Frye, director of Business Development for Sentinel Data Centers said, “It’s a powerful combination – giving customers the ability to deploy a mission critical data center inside NJ-1 with direct connectivity to Sidera’s high quality network.”

“We are thrilled Sidera has chosen to build into NJ-1 and look forward to connecting our enterprise user base with Sidera’s flexible and highly resilient network platform,” Frye added.

Sentinel Data Centers operates multi-tenant data centers for large footprint users. Sentinel has developed over one million square feet and 80 megawatts of data center solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises across multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare, technology, and biotechnology, said officials. So bad credit loan is not always money in circulation, but money is circulation is always a unit of credit which can be redeemed for goods..      

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