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Combining Diversity and Low Latency with Sidera and Sabey

By admin, July 2, 2012 3:03 pm

The recent collaboration between Sidera Networks?(News – Alert) and Sabey Data Centers means a few things for the evolution of the data center industry not the least of which is the combining of diversity and latency. Clint Heiden?(News – Alert), president of Sidera, shed some light at last week’s Telecom Exchange 2012 in New York City on what has influenced Sidera’s decisions over the last several months, and what all this cloud business means moving forward for the industry.

As a provider of fiber optic-based network solutions, Sidera brings its market expertise to Sabey Data Centers to connect its properties in New York, Ashburn, VA, and Seattle, WA.

Heiden said that the two major reasons Sidera has “gone after the data center” include the movement to the cloud and how “the ability to do things for data centers is coming to fruition.” The developments in the fiber-optic network space now enable impressive connectivity.

“We are able to take a Sabey data center in New York and one in Seattle and make them feel like the same data center. The theory is that the latency is so low you can back up your data in Washington State where power is 2 cents and have it feel like power in New York where data is 14 cents,” said Heiden. Making the connectivity of the highest quality at the lowest cost is what this collaboration brings to market.

Ubiquity is also at the forefront of this collaborative partnership. Sidera’s goal is for a user to be able to have the Internet at the same price in one location as the next. “If I go to Clifden or Secausus, a 1 gig is the same as it is in Chicago. From budgeting standpoint, the operators can go to their bosses, and they can tell them they can disperse data traffic across whichever points they want because Sidera prices the entire Internet at one price,” said Heiden.

Sabey will be able to focus on its financial and healthcare customers more keenly now as the diversity and low latency brought to its data centers with Sidera’s collaboration will enable it to continue to deliver prime uptime, scale, and service. John Sabey, president of the company, noted in the news, “Sidera allows us to extend that focus with unique diversity and low-latency connectivity throughout the New York Metro and between New York and Ashburn, VA, which are critical areas for our financial services and healthcare customers.”

Essentially, the diversity of the connections while maintaining low latency is what Sidera focuses on in order to deliver this high-quality connectivity. “The cloud is making things simple – that’s what it’s about,” said Heiden. “Infrastructure and IT pricing. It’s the next level of simplicity. It’s about supplying the best amount of bandwidth necessary.”

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Hibernia Atlantic’s Newly Constructed Low Latency Route in New Jersey Ready for Service

By admin, June 4, 2012 12:40 pm

Hibernia Atlantic?(News – Alert) has constructed a low latency route connecting 165 Halsey to 1400 Federal Blvd in New Jersey. The route is built up by Cross River Fiber, a New Jersey-based CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) and boutique dark fiber solutions provider.

Prior to work on the Low Latency Route in New Jersey, Cross River Fiber and Hibernia thoroughly studied the project. Engineers from both companies then teamed up on a solution that would exhibit the power of the partnership and offer customers with a unique alternative in the market.

“This new low latency route marks an important milestone for Hibernia and its commitment to New Jersey,” said Kathy Perone, Chief Operating Officer at Hibernia Atlantic. “Our deep understanding of the region and customers in the area made implementing this route possible. As Cross River Fiber is also a New Jersey based company with proven technical capabilities, selecting their network services for the new route was an easy decision for our team. online casino .”

“In addition, our team selected Vello?(News – Alert) Systems because of its low latency infrastructure systems with high port densities and for its robust technology roadmap – all affording Hibernia key competitive advantages,” Perone added.

Along this route, Hibernia has certified new latency-optimized equipment by Vello Systems, which provides solutions for latency sensitive applications for data center networking including market data content delivery, storage replication and big data connections. Through this equipment, Hibernia can provide 10 Gigabit lit services to customers on the new route with an SLA of 239 microseconds RTD.

“This was a true team effort with Cross River and Hibernia reviewing every aspect of construction to the highest standards,” said Michael Sevret, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for Cross River Fiber. “If something wasn’t perfect, we went back and did it over. No detail was overlooked.”

Hibernia Atlantic was recently in the news when the company selected zColo to provide a private customized suite and interconnection services.

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Telcordia Solutions to Propel JT’s Broadband Project -’Gigabit Jersey’

By admin, May 21, 2012 2:04 pm


Fibertech’s Diverse Fiber Optic Network Enters New Jersey

By admin, May 2, 2012 10:05 am

With demands of both carrier and enterprise customers increasing rapidly, a greater interest in redundant and diverse network connections has emerged, and Fibertech is seizing this opportunity to complete integration of its diverse fiber optic connection into DuPont Fabros Technology’s (DFT) New Jersey data center.

Committed to bringing fiber connectivity directly into NJ1, Fibertech’s alliance with DFT is expected to ensure that customers in this area have access to the company’s high-speed connectivity and low latency solutions.

“Fibertech’s unique footprint and ability to provide alternative connectivity for growing networks, makes it an ideal competitive provider for new and existing tenants looking for metro fiber connectivity within our NJ1 data center,” Vinay Nagpal, director of carrier relations at DFT, said in a press release.

DFT is a real investment trust that manages wholesale data centers and NJ1, which caters to the Greater Metro New York Area, is regarded as one of the largest, most sophisticated and most efficient data centers.

The Company’s data centers are highly specialized, secure with network-neutral facilities that are used primarily by national and international Internet and enterprise companies to house their servers that support critical business processes.

Mike Hurley, VP of sales and marketing at Fibertech, said the company would provide more than 100 miles of fiber throughout New Jersey as well as dark fiber connectivity for unlimited bandwidth.

This is expected to benefit not only DFT’s carrier and enterprise customers, but some major east coast metropolitan areas as well.

Other news reports Fibertech completed its IPv6 network implementation for its entire 8,000-mile+ fiber optic footprint. After a year-long process of designing, testing and implementation, Fibertech is operational in both IPv4 and IPv6, and is already providing IPv6 address space to select customers to trial.

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zColo to Provide Hibernia Atlantic with Customized Colocation and Interconnection Services

By admin, April 20, 2012 7:53 am

zColo, a Zayo Group (News – Alert) company, recently confirmed that its 165 Halsey, Newark, NJ facility has been selected by Hibernia Atlantic (News – Alert) to provide them with a customized suite of colocation and interconnection services. Hibernia Atlantic is a global provider of Ethernet, DTM and optical- level service up to GigE, 10G and LanPhy wavelengths and traditional SONET/SDH services.

Hibernia Atlantic manages and operates a global network which connects North America, Europe, and Asia via a submarine and terrestrial network running between the United States, Canada, and Europe. The company provides more than 120 redundant network Points of Presence (PoPs) over 24,000 kilometers of fiber.

In a release, Kathy Perone, chief operating officer of Hibernia Atlantic, said that, “Hibernia’s ecosystem of customers and services targets the wholesale, financial and media verticals. zColo’s 165 Halsey facility provides a fully enabled environment serving as a key aggregation point for Hibernia’s low latency and high-bandwidth connectivity services.”

The advanced network from Hibernia Atlantic serves customers within the financial and media sectors with an extensive range of network services. The selection of the facility at 165 Halsey will make it easy for both Zayo and Hibernia Atlantic to serve a greater number of customers. The connectivity delivered by the facility will enable Hibernia to offer its customers proximity based hosting solutions along with bandwidth solutions to address various network requirements.

Chris Morley, president of zColo, said that, “With colocation facilities located in key markets such as Chicago, New York, and New Jersey, zColo’s solutions are designed to meet the security, connectivity, and growth requirements of customers like Hibernia.”

In other news, zColo recently announced that it will provide colocation services for Game-Hosting GH AB. Game-Hosting is a gaming service provider that provides a complete hosting service for companies looking to bring their games online.

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GlobeNet Announces the Completion of MEF Services Certification Process

By admin, April 18, 2012 3:42 pm

In 2005, the MEF (News – Alert) Certification Program was launched as part of a mission to improve the worldwide adoption of Carrier Ethernet. With the help of a strict series of tests based on MEF approved Test Suites, the program verifies compliance of vendor equipment and service provider services to MEF technical specifications. Expanding as further technical specifications are developed, the program tracks areas of critical interest to members of the MEF.

Recently, GlobeNet, a provider of submarine capacity, announced that it has received its MEF certification. According to the company, this process verifies the compliance and the performance of GlobeNet’s Carrier Ethernet product portfolio.

GlobeNet has been offering standardized services with reliable levels of performance and the company claims that this certification only proves its commitment to this cause. The company received the certification after several weeks of rigorous planning and testing, and it was concluded with the successful certification of its EPL (Ethernet Private Line), EVPL (Ethernet Virtual Private Line), and E-LAN (Ethernet LAN) services.

“MEF Certification allows GlobeNet’s Carrier Ethernet portfolio to meet the most stringent industry standards,” stated Erick W. Police said 19-year-old Travis Daring was meeting with his probation officer on Thursday in Stroudsburg when he was asked to take a pass drug test urine .. Contag, chief operating officer of GlobeNet. “Through the recent enhancements to our Ethernet services, we have prepared our product line to meet the high level of service availability customers and the MEF require. GlobeNet’s continuous commitment to meeting customers’ evolving needs while remaining competitive in the marketplace is demonstrated through our MEF compliance and official certification.”

In other news, GlobeNet and TE SubCom recently announced that construction commenced for the replacement of GlobeNet’s Segment 5 (formerly BUS-1) subsea cable system. The new segment will be approximately 1,350 km in length and will have a total design capacity of 30 Terabits per second. Segment 5 is an integral component of GlobeNet’s dual-ring subsea cable system linking Bermuda, Brazil, the United States and Venezuela.

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Alpheus Communications Exhibits Consistent Rapid Growth

By admin, April 17, 2012 3:24 pm

Powerful connectivity solutions, multiple service options and unparalleled customer support have all ensured that Alpheus Communications’ (News – Alert) services continue to remain popular with carriers, enabling the metro-regional fiber and networking solutions provider to rapidly increase its carrier sales.

With carriers increasingly adopting fiber-based network infrastructures and Ethernet services for connectivity, Alpheus’ ability to provide fast installation, flexible service options and high-bandwidth transport services is a solution to meet more and more requirements.

Chip Robertson, senior vice president, carrier sales, at Alpheus Communications believed that the high demand is an offshoot of continued 4G/LIE build outs and migration from SONET- based services to Ethernet.

“Our recent growth is a direct result of the quality of service and effective solutions we provide, which is significant given the high demand we’ve experienced,” he said in a press release.

Another significant factor that played an important role in its growth is that Alpheus owns and manages its metro and regional long-haul network, fully redundant in all critical infrastructure. This ensures business continuity and maximum uptime.

With an expansive footprint its Texas headquarters, Alpheus is well positioned to deliver reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity that optimizes network performance.

As a result of the company’s recent growth and acquisition by The Gores Group in 2011, Scott Widham, CEO at Alpheus and other company executives are expected to discuss the company’s wholesale services and its full portfolio of solutions at the COMPTEL (News – Alert) PLUS Spring 2012 Convention & EXPO April 16-18, booth #814.

Other news reports Alpheus made its services available to channel partners interested in selling its high-bandwidth transport, Internet access, data center and other sophisticated networking solutions.

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LUMO High-Density Fiber Converter Series Introduced by Miranda

By admin, April 10, 2012 12:13 am

Miranda Technologies (News – Alert) Inc. has unveiled their much awaited high-density fiber converter series named LUMO.

According to the company, the new LUMO offers the best density that can convert 36 signals in a 1RU frame and works as a standalone device to provide a very low impact block when compared with other standalone converters.

In addition, the new LUMO includes dual redundant power supplies and frame controller with dual redundant IP-connections that can be used for comprehensive system monitoring and frame health alarming.

This product also helps users with cable management to address cable dressing concerns. LUMO comes with fiber connectivity on one side of the unit while coax is on the other, providing for easy separation of the heavier copper cable from the lighter fiber.

“As facilities ready themselves to carry 3Gbps signals across their infrastructures, fiber has become the cable of choice for many,” says Jean-Marc d’Anjou, Miranda’s vice president of Infrastructure. “Fiber cables are much more cost effective than coax, they are lighter, and take up much less space. Additionally, many system integrators now have the experience and training for installing fiber, so the cost of installation has come down considerably. Most important, though, is quality. Fiber offers the best signal integrity for high-bandwidth 3Gbps signals, and at much longer cable distances. It’s also impermeable to noise or other electromagnetic interferences.”

The company is currently offering the new LUMO as SMPTE-compliant fiber SFP modules and is currently available in regular 1310nm and CWDM wavelengths, when married with company’s optical CWDM mux/demux, 2 fiber cables.

For many years, Miranda Technologies has been offering hardware and software solutions for the television broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV (News who is justin bieber Timberlake also noticed the talent of the boy and wanted to sign a contract with him..gif.gif” /> – Alert) industry. Its solutions span the full breadth of television operations, including production, playout, and delivery.

The company’s head office is located in Montreal, and it has regional facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China.

In other news, Miranda Technologies Inc. successfully added a new channel to a leading broadcaster’s service only three days after the station placed the order.

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Molex Intros VersaBeam Product Family

By admin, April 4, 2012 12:44 pm

Molex (News – Alert) has unveiled VersaBeam, a new product family built for expanded-beam interconnects.

Company officials said that they have introduced the first product under the new banner, VersaBeam POD Cable Assemblies, which mate to Avago parallel optical modules, optimizing airflow and cable management for next-generation applications in emerging high-speed data and computer markets.

According to the company, these assemblies are introduced to meet rigorous Telcordia (News – Alert) GR-1435 specifications required by telecommunications equipment providers.

The newly introduced low-profile, 12-fiber VersaBeam POD (parallel optical device module) Cable Assemblies are designed to mate to Avago Technologies’ 120 Gbps MicroPOD† and MiniPOD‡ parallel optic modules.

In addition, the multiple 12-fiber VersaBeam interconnects can be consolidated to a single I/O assembly on the front or back panel by using either 24-, 48-, and 72-fiber MT ferrules in Molex’s high-density interconnects including HBMT, Array and Circular MT connectors.

Tom Schiltz, group product manager at Molex said that, “We worked closely with Avago to develop a solution that not only meets telecom specification standards for optical-cable to optical-module mating, but also provides optimum airflow and cable management for next-generation applications in emerging high-speed data and computer markets. The training complies with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, and…Our LANTRA Off Road 4×4 driving professional users defensive driving course delaware is designed for all drivers who need to use their vehicles in off road situations at work..”

Also, the 1.80mm jacketed-round and bare-fiber-ribbon cable assemblies perpendicularly mate to the top of the optical modules, providing simple assembly and optimum airflow on the PCB.

The company is currently offering the new assemblies in both a 1.80 mm jacketed round version, in addition to the bare ribbon-fiber versions.

Established in 1938, the company operates 40 manufacturing locations in 16 countries, offering complete interconnect solutions for a number of markets including data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical, military and lighting.

In other news, Molex recently introduced its new MobliquA antenna technology, which incorporates proprietary bandwidth enhancing technologies.The company said its MobliquA technology is designed to improve impedance bandwidth in any application with a wireless interface antenna, including mobile phones, smart phones and portable TVs, as well as standard antennas in industrial applications.

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Basin Electric Power Cooperative Selects Aviat Networks to Replace Microwave Network

By admin, April 2, 2012 8:52 am

Basin Electric Power has signed an agreement with Aviat (News – Alert) Networks for its Eclipse Packet Node microwave platform as the electric utility gears up for replacing its existing networks in North and South Dakota.

Under the deal, Santa Clara, California-based Aviat Networks will roll out a replacement network based on the Eclipse Packet Node microwave platform, an enhanced Hybrid radio that supports existing TDM and future IP traffic in native formats.

The platform that Aviat is supplying is expected to upgrade Basin Electric’s 45Mbps infrastructure to 360Mbps throughput using the antennas of similar size. For Basin Electric, it was a long-pending dream to boost the capacity of its microwave network to cope with the rising traffic.

Aviat is dispatching a team of experts who will design and roll out the microwave network in North Dakota and South Dakota as early as the first quarter of 2013.

“The existing system does not have the bandwidth to carry the additional protective relaying, SCADA, mobile radio, data and voice channels to support system growth,” said Boyd Trester, project engineer with Basin Electric.

Trester believes that Aviat’s new  microwave radio system will have eight times the capacity of the current system.

Mandan, N.D-based Basin Electric caters to more than 2.  Aihepiirilliset pelit On uusin konsepti kasino maailmassa..8 million electric consumers and its service territory is spread across 540,000 square miles in nine states. You can sign up for ObamaCare’s marketplaces by finding your State’s health marketplace or going directly to healthcare..

The network upgrade is expected to help Basin Electric streamline its operation and expand the service to newer areas in the years ahead.

“Basin feels that microwave is more reliable than ‘aerial’ optical fiber, mounted on electric transmission lines,” Trester said. “Optical fiber takes time to repair and put back into service. Microwave systems have a higher in-service rate and if they do go down, can be restored much more quickly in a crisis scenario.”

In other news from September 2011, Aviat Networks selected Parature (News – Alert) for online customer support, the company has announced.

Customers can now search a comprehensive Knowledgebase, full of useful articles for more than 36 products, and receive auto-suggested answers to their inquiries with Parature’s EasyAnswer feature through Aviat Network’s website.

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