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Japan-U.S. Cable Picks Ciena for Trans-Pacific 100G Submarine Network

By admin, June 26, 2012 12:31 pm

Japan-U.S. Cable Network has announced its plan to upgrade the trans-Pacific submarine network, which is close to 23,000 kilometers from the U.S. to Japan. The project has been aided by Ciena with its market-leading coherent 100 Gigabits per second (100G) technology.

The 23,000 kilometers network will be supported by Ciena’s 6500 Packet Optical platform with WaveLogic 3 coherent optical processors. This will replace existing 10G optical equipment at two landing stations in California, one in Hawaii, and three in Japan.

According to Ciena officials, their WaveLogic coherent technology offers revolutionary 40G/100G upgrades to existing submarine networks with only the addition of new terminal equipment, significantly extending the life of existing cable plants and further lengthening its lifespan. Other than scaling bandwidth and lowering costs, WaveLogic-powered networks can be programmed to quickly respond and adapt to changing requirements for capacity, reach, and latency.

Anthony McLachlan, VP and GM, Asia Pacific, Ciena said, “As bandwidth consumption accelerates worldwide, submarine networks have emerged as a potential bottleneck in global networks due to the cost, challenge, and financial risks of deploying new submarine cables. Ciena’s WaveLogic 3 coherent technology has completely changed the economics of bandwidth and time-to-market for submarine network operators, enabling dramatic increases in capacity over existing cable systems.”

The Japan-U.S. Cable is built with more than 26 consortium members such as: Verizon Business?(News – Alert), AT&T, BT, Sprint, CenturyLink, KDDI, NTT, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, Tata Communications, SingTel, Softbank Telecom, France Telecom, Level(3), AboveNet, KT, Starhub, PCCW?(News credit rating also signifies that influence acquired by intrigue connected with certain social” /> – Alert), and Telstra.

This new network will be the first direct coast-to-coast 100G trans-Pacific submarine network, which allows Japan-U.S. Cable customers to take advantage of the benefits of increased bandwidth and support rapidly increasing capacity demands.

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Cable, Wire And Conduit Installation Dates

By admin, March 3, 2012 12:00 pm

Wiring methods have changed over the years from knob and tube to flexible armored cable (Greenfield) to nonmetallic cable (NM), conduit (EMT), and underground feeder (UF) cable. From about 1890 to the present, wiring methods have become much safer due to the installation types of wiring and the addition of ground wires. Between 1890 and 1910, knob and tube wire was all the rage in home building. Individual insulated wires were held in place by porcelain insulating brackets. They also passed through wood in porcelain tubes that protected the rubberized cloth fabric from damage. This practice had a hot wire and a neutral wire that were run separately for safety and so they could be spliced together. To do this, the insulation was stripped back, a wire was wrapped around the exposed bare wire, and the splice was soldered together before being taped to cover the splice. The downfall was the wire was exposed to everything and there was no ground wire utilized.

In the 1920’s to 1940’s, electrical took a turn to a more protective wiring sceme, flexible armormed cable. Flex, also known as Greenfield, was a welcomed addition to home wiring because the flexible metal walls helped to protect the wires from damage. Even then, this wiring method had its troubles. Although the wire is protected and the outer flexible metal cover acts as a ground, there still was no seperate ground wire. If the flexible covering didn’t make contact with the next piece or it was cut, the ground connection was severed.

In the 1930’s, a quicker installation method was developed. Nonmetallic sheathed cable was born and it incorporated a rubberized fabric coating sheath, much like knob and tube wiring, but a hot and neutral wire were run together in this one sheath. It also had its drawbacks due to the lack of a ground wire. blackjack online .

Luckily in the 1940’s, finally came the age of metal conduit. This invention allowed users to pull many wires in the same enclosure. online casino dgfev . The conduit itself is considered a grounding method, but also leaves the possibilty of space for a ground wire to be pulled. Conduit has been in use ever since those days and comes in many different types and sizes to be used inside and outside of your home.

The newest addition to wiring was introduced in the 1960’s around 1965. It was an update to NM cable that incorporated the use of a third wire, a bare ground wire run with a hot and netral wire. These three wires are all concealed in an outer sheath made of plastic vinyl. This update made the cable inexpensive and very easy to install. It is very flexible and is used still today.

Along with NM cable for interior use, a similar type cable was also invented. Underground feeder wire(UF) was invented to be buried directly under the ground without having to be placed in conduit. This type wire has a hot, a neutral, and a ground wire embedded in a solid plastic vinyl sheath that protects it from damp areas, water, and materials underground. This was an inexpensive addition to running power underground to things like yard lights and outbuilding feeds.

As you can see, things have certainly changed over the years for the better! You see, the rubber-coated wire would only hold up for 25 years or so before the rubber would dry out and start cracking. This left exposed bare wires that could cause a multitude of problems. Plastic vinyl has been shown to last the life expectancy of your home and is a much better method of wiring. For the preferred method in my book, I choose a conduit installation. With this, you can pull the wires easily, add wires to the conduit (as allowed), and have a system that protects the wires from damage. It is the all-in-one system, of choice. The only question now is, will we see another next big thing in electrical wiring in our lifetime?

Last notation gifts for a Geek in your life

By admin, December 17, 2011 6:36 am

Wondering what to get him/her for Xmas? Read on.

337 Summit HD video camera sleet goggles, Liquid Image, $430

For a snowboard or skier in your life who has everything, how about goggles that double as a HD video camera? The Summit Series 1080p googles have a 136-degree, wide-angle lens to constraint an overwhelming perspective as we rocket down a slopes. It has hands-free operation and both camera and video mode. It annals 1080p video during 30 frames per second though it also has a high-action mode to fire 720p during 60 frames per second. Storage is on a micro SD/SDHC label adult to 32 gigabytes and a goggles come with a 4 GB card. It comes with a USB wire for downloading or we can download around a micro SD card. The newly expelled 337 Summit goggles are accessible online in Canada from

iDigiTip, Objects of Perfection, $20

I’m constantly misdialing on my BlackBerry given we don’t have prolonged fingernails to daub a small keys. Apparently I’m not a usually one who dials Australia when we try to call someone opposite town. Anastasia Durden, co-owner with her father Trentis Durden of Objects of Perfection, beheld her father and others had a identical problem with their smartphones and came adult with a thought of a iDigiTip, a small device that’s a bit like a coop tip for your fingers. It works with a small keys on dungeon phones, hold screens, tablets and other

BlueMic Snowball USB Microphone, from $110

I’m sleepy of recording voiceovers for videos that sound like I’m articulate from a bottom of a barrel, so we picked adult this a Snowball microphone on sale this week. The disproportion in peculiarity is positively adequate to clear a $69 sale price. And for people who use their computers for podcasting or formulating music, it’s value a full price. best online casino . An iOS 4.3 refurbish joined with Apple’s camera tie pack lets we use a Snowball mic with your iPad amd recording apps like GarageBand. It also works with PCs with Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP Home or Professional Edition. You can get USB mics for your mechanism for as small as $20 or even reduction though if sound peculiarity is critical to you, cruise investing in a mic that will broach a difference.

Ion Profile Pro LP USB Turntable, ION Audio, $130

Another object for a vinyl LP holdout is fortuitously on sale this week during Future Shop for $80 nonetheless we can find it during varying prices during other retailers. Many old-school audiophiles have prolonged given done a acclimatisation to digital though for those who haven’t, this small USB turntable is a good approach to modify aged vinyl annals into MP3s so we can play them on your computer, iPod or other MP3 player. casino online . It’s block and play, so even if you’re new to a digital age, it’s easy to bond this to your mechanism and get it adult and running. It also works with an iPad or iPad 2 with an Apple iPad USB adapter.

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Six Stocking Stuffers for iPhone and Smartphone Users in Your Life: Just in …

By admin, December 14, 2011 11:18 am

 Six Stocking Stuffers for iPhone and Smartphone Users in Your Life: Just in ...オンラインカジノ日本 .” />

Download image

SUNRISE, Fla., Dec. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — If a new Apple iPhone 4S or smartphone is on your holiday present list, you’ll wish accessories that let we use your phone to a max. Concord brings lots of good hearten to all good boys and girls who dream of phones this year!

(Photo: )

NautiCase – Your Apple® iPhone 4S/4 meets with heavy-duty use.  To strengthen it from a woes of coffee splashes, random falls, raindrops or even snow, a durable NautiCase encases a phone with a high-impact polycarbonate tough case.  The transparent protecting film allows we to have full entrance to a iPhone 4 hold shade but losing any phone functionality. 

AmigoCase – For those who say a discriminating veteran look, a AmigoCase is a stylish, compress rechargeable battery container that also protects a iPhone 4S/4 when a phone is not in use. Remove a iPhone from a neat charging box when a phone rings and use a iPhone as it was designed, but heft or bulk.  When finished articulate or texting, slip a iPhone behind into a watchful wearable charging holster, and a phone will continue to charge, charity twice a speak and content time.

Solar/USB Power PAK – When you’re on a go, anticipating entrance to wall stream can be a challenge.  The Power PAK is a unstable and compress battery horse that powers adult in full or prejudiced sun, or by a mechanism USB port.  When entirely charged, a Power Pak offers twice a speak time for iPhone 4S/4 and other smartphones, 3 times a song time for iPods and MP3 players and 3 times a video diversion use time.

Booster – Heavy users of smartphones can exhaust their batteries early in a day.  The ultra-thin Keystone ECO Booster unstable battery container offers a resolution that extends a use time of a phone.  The section works with Micro USB smartphones by a built-in retractable USB wire and connects to a behind of a smartphone with an trustworthy glue pad.  The Booster provides extended battery life on a go.

SLIDER Bluetooth Keyboard – The SLIDER is designed for a iPhone 4S/4 and answers a need for those who cite a earthy keyboard to fast and simply form emails, content messages, and records with correctness and speed. With a flip of a finger, a keyboard fast slides out and a practical keyboard vanishes.

Aryca Wave and Aryca Tide – Finally, for those formulation a vacation this season, a Aryca cases protects smartphones during inlet of adult to 20 feet underwater or from a furious float down a ski slopes. The heavy-duty waterproof smartphone cases entirely encapsulate your smartphone and lets we fire video, constraint images, perspective and playback, and email or content information to friends at

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Top tech gifts for entrepreneurs

By admin, December 14, 2011 8:02 am

Visions of sugarplums are all really nice, though during this time of year, visions of tech toys tend to light adult one’s eyes usually as brightly. While some of these goodies tend to a practical, they’re all good to find underneath a tree.

Let’s start with something (almost) pocket-sized. One frustrating thing about being on a highway is a miss of arguable wireless connectivity; hotel Wi-Fi mostly tends to be iffy during best. One solution: a transport router. Belkin’s Wireless Dual-Band Travel Router is $79.99.

The router itself is a distance of a rug of cards, and it comes in a transport box that keeps it and a little energy block and cables corralled. Its little distance doesn’t meant little functionality – a router plugs into a hotel room’s Ethernet connection; afterwards we insert a enclosed USB wire to a energy block and bond it, and we have your really possess wireless hotspot for all of your devices.

The router is pre-configured with 256-bit WPA2 encryption to keep your hotspot secure and private, and supports 802.11a/b/g/n wireless standards. It will work on a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands simultaneously, and is VPN-friendly.

Cute and useful – what some-more could one want!

Speaking of lovable and useful, another (rather some-more expensive) choice for a businessman in your life is a Toshiba Portégé Z830 ultrabook. About half an in. thick during a fattest, and tipping a beam during a little 2.5 lb, this 13.3 in. ultrabook would trip simply into a request slot of a briefcase. With a Core i3 processor, customary 4GB memory and 128GB plain state drive, it has adequate flesh for many bureau functions, and a eight-cell lithium ion battery will energy a appurtenance for adult to 8.5 hours.

Videos play really uniformly on a Portégé Z830, and Intel Wireless Display program allows we to tide them to an reasonably versed TV with a assistance of a device such as D-Link’s MainStage TV Adapter. It plugs into a combination video or HDMI tie on your HDTV to arrangement streamed calm in 1080p with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound – ideal for presentations on a road.

Once a work is done, we competence wish to squeeze a good book. The Kobo Vox eReader is a usually colour eReader now accessible in Canada. Under a covers, it’s a 7-inch tablet

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P.E.I. wants feds to compensate half of 3rd electric cable

By admin, November 27, 2011 12:52 am

Maritime Electric has mutated a skeleton for a third interconnection appetite wire to a mainland, and it will cost about $78 million.

The range is looking to P.E.I.’s sovereign cupboard apportion Gail Shea to remonstrate Ottawa to compensate half a costs.

Shea, apportion of National Revenue, was in Egmont Bay Friday for a corner appropriation proclamation with P.E. De kan ogsa laste ned en mobilapplikasjon som er tilgjengelig for en rekke enheter (sjansen for a bli skuffet, slik som du kanskje blir hos andre online casinoer , er veldig liten)..I. Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley, though that was for $200,000 for gulf improvements and a fish market.

“I met with Maritime Electric, we’ve left by its application, so we was good briefed on a file,” Shea pronounced Friday.

Originally, a appetite wire was projected to cost some-more than $100 million, and a range wanted half from Ottawa.

The stream dual cables are during a finish of their life span. The condition of a existent dual have caused trance problems and mostly force a range to use an costly fill-in generator.

Maritime Electric has now mutated a skeleton — a costs are lower, and a wire itself has been downgraded from one with 200 megawatt ability to 150 megawatts.

Instead of going by a Confederation Bridge, it would lay on a bottom of a Northumberland Strait, like a other dual cables.

“We’ve been suggested that 150 megawatts is a biggest wire we can implement in a singular run,” pronounced John Gaudet, Maritime Electric’s vice-president. “We’re not slicing corners, though we’re doing what we can to boost a appetite supply to P. online casino canada .E.I.”

“We need to make certain that there is a satisfactory and estimable appetite supply to Prince Edward Island to make certain all Islanders are taken caring of with this apocalyptic square of security,” pronounced P.E.I. Energy Minister Wes Sheridan.

Shea pronounced if a devise went ahead, an appetite comment would need to be finished among other things, and it will still take 3 years to get a cable.

“While it’s not something that’s a predicament right now, it’s something that needs to be finished sincerely soon,” Shea told CBC News.

The range has a appropriation focus underneath Ottawa’s $1 billion Green Energy Fund, though many Canadian provinces have appropriation requests as well.

“Here’s an event to be successful in removing some appropriation in a plan that differently Islanders would have to compensate a full cost for,” Gaudet said.

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Connecting Wires To Terminals

By admin, September 9, 2011 6:47 pm

When connecting electrical wires to switches and receptacles, the way you strip, bend, and tighten the wire on the terminal will determine how good the connection really is. There are a couple of ways in making a connection to a switch or receptacle. They both come equipped with screw terminals on the side of the devices and slide-in connection holes in the back.

As I stated in a previous tip, using the push-in terminal slots is not recommended, and for the life of me, I don’t understand why the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) sign off on these devices without having these connection points removed. Anyways, what we are looking for in every connection we make electrically is a good, tight, secure connection, free of any play. A loose connection causes arcing, pitting of the surface area around the connection, sparking, and a buildup of heat.

To make the proper type connection to a device, use a pair of wire strippers and strip about 3/4″ of wire insulation from the wire to be connected. Using a pair of long nosed pliers or a hole in the wire strippers that you are using, bend a half moon shape out of the exposed copper wire. This bend will allow the wire to wrap completely around the screw terminal without any insulation touching the screw head.

Now comes the most important thing. When attaching the wire to the screw terminal, the wire must be placed in a manner so the opening faces the right. The reason being is the screw terminal tightens to the right, clockwise, and this allows the screw to actually draw in the copper wire around the screw as it is tightened. You see, if you turned the wire opening around, the gap in the wire could open even farther as the screw is tightened, making for a poor connection.

Tighten the wire screw firmly. Da och da ger Vinnarum aven bort ett antal fria spins pa spela spelautomater och videoslots till nya medlemmar.. Make sure that there is no wire insulation under the head of the screw and see that the wire is not resting on any part of the plastic housing of the switch or receptacle. The secure electrical connection you make today, will give you years of reliable electrical usage. Poor electrical connections rank high as the biggest causes of electrical problems in the home. Keep you family safe and avoid electrical connection problems by mastering this simple solution of making tight, flawless electrical connections to switches and receptacles.

TPC Adds 500-K Aramid Fiber Cable to Current Line of High Temperature Products

By admin, August 24, 2011 4:50 am

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