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Fujitsu Adds 2,500 km to its 100G Dark Fiber Network in the UK

By admin, July 18, 2012 2:18 pm

As the needs of the modern business increase in terms of sending and receiving data, networks must expand and improve to facilitate these needs. This is exactly what Japanese IT products and services provider, Fujitsu?(News – Alert) has done in the UK by expanding its 100G high-speed fiber-optic network.

The expansion consists of an additional 2,500 km of dark fiber, enabling true 100 Gbps data — “true” meaning equal upload and download speeds — across Fujitsu’s managed wavelength service (MWS). As such, more businesses have access to a carrier-grade, high-capacity, low-latency network capable of supporting the needs of businesses which regularly transfer large data.

“This significant expansion is a direct response to customers’ increasing demand to transport very-high-bandwidth data faster and further than ever before,” said Andy Stevenson, executive director of hosting and network solutions at Fujitsu UK & Ireland, in a statement. casino . “An effective infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) begins and ends with the network; the true benefits can only be realized if the interconnect between enterprise and data center does not present a bottleneck.”

The network utilizes ADVA Optical Networking’s 100G Agile?(News – Alert) Core platform with flexible, reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs), allowing for real-time wavelength provisioning and switching across the core network. This flexibility provides customers with such benefits as bandwidth-on-demand, which allows them to adjust network requirements as needed.

In other recent Fujitsu news, the company announced a few new smartphones this week, online pokies including the F-12D from the company’s RakuRaku line and the high-end ARROWS Z ISW13F, both slated for release in Japan. The F-12D was designed specifically with senior citizens in mind, sporting a design that will not “overwhelm or confuse elderly users.”

The ISW13F, on the other hand, features an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, high-speed WiMAX?(News – Alert) communications and a 13.1 megapixel camera. Furthermore, this device sports an updated version of Fujitsu’s Human Centric Engine, which delivers improved usability via cutting-edge sensing technology.

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3M Showcases Its Growing Portfolio of 3M Twin Axial Cable Assembly Solutions at DesignCon 2012

By admin, February 1, 2012 5:29 pm

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Roving Networks Releases New Interconnect Communication Product Line

By admin, December 7, 2011 1:14 pm

e0e62 PR Logo Businesswire Roving Networks Releases New Interconnect Communication Product Line

LOS GATOS, Calif., Dec 07, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) –
Roving Networks expands a product portfolio with a new product line of
USB to sequence cables and adapters. Built on a attention de facto
customary Prolific and FTDI chipsets, these cables element Roving’s
other information communications portfolio that includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
products that are used in embedded and M2M communications.

Roving Networks’ USB cables urge on now accessible TTL cables
in a marketplace with 1.8 metre (6 ft) premium, aria service and shielded
cabling with black or transparent over molded connectors and LED TX/RX
indicators. Cables and adapters are accessible with both a 3V or 5V
FTDI 32bit chipsets, or Prolific 64bit 3V chipsets. The products, based
on a Prolific chipset, give engineers approach entrance to GPIO function
and LEDs control.

Mitch Dale, V.P. Business Development during Roving Networks, explained, “We
are anticipating that many of a business need cabled as good as
wireless connectivity in their products. In most cases if you already have health you like, you can keep it (although some plans are being phased out by 2017, see grandfathered health plans).. Our new line of low cost, high
peculiarity USB to sequence products is interrelated in a far-reaching accumulation of
industrial markets.”

Cables and adapters are immediately accessible by Roving’s extensive
placement network. Pricing starts during $19.25 for cables and $16.25 for
adapters. For volume customers, Roving also offers tradition built cables
accessible with a choice of chip, voltage, length, and connector
termination. Contact Roving directly for sum on tradition cable

About Roving Networks

Founded in 2000 and formed in a heart of Silicon Valley, Roving
Networks has fabricated some of a world’s heading experts in embedded
networking devices. Roving Networks provides high quality, robust,
ultra-low energy embedded Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, sensors, serial
interface adapters, and tradition OEM platforms. casino . Roving Networks products
severely revoke growth times and mislay a risk of designing,
testing, manufacturing, and certifying wireless products. For more
information visit

SOURCE: Roving Networks

        Roving Networks
        Erin Hasulak, 408-395-5300

Copyright Business Wire 2011

e0e62 comtexsmall Roving Networks Releases New Interconnect Communication Product Line

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Electrical Wire Color Coding

By admin, September 5, 2011 9:38 pm

Electrical Wire Markings

Electrical wires have markings stamped or printed on the outside sheath of the cable. These markings tell what type and size of wire that you have. But looking deeper, the color of the wires inside of the sheath, like in type NM cable, will reveal that different color wires serve different purposes.

Black Wires

Black wires are always used for hot wires. These wires may feed a switch or outlet and are often used as switch legs. Never used a black wire for a neutral or ground connection.

Red Wires

Red wires are also used for hot wires, switch legs (like to a ceiling fan), and are the second hot wire in 220-volt installations. Another useful application is the interconnect wire between two hardwired smoke detectors.

Blue and Yellow Wires

Blue and yellow wires are used as hot wires. These wires are usually pulled in conduit. The blue wires are generally used for travelers in three-way and four-way switch applications. They also are used as switch legs to things like lights and fans. Yellow wires are generally used for switch legs. These control things like light, fans, and switched outlets.

Green and Bare Copper Wires

Green wires and bare copper wires are used only for grounding. These wires will ground devices and shall be bonded to junction boxes and appliance connections for safety.

Wire Color Exceptions

In certain instances, wire colors may be used for connections that don’t follow these general rules. For instance, a white wire in a two-conductor cable may be used for the second hot wire on a 240-volt appliance or outlet connection. Another application is using the white wire for a switch leg for lighting or running a three-way switch application. This white wire should be properly marked to show that it is being used for something other than a neutral. Simply mark the end of the wire with black or red electrical tape. That way, no one will be confused and accidentally use it for something else.