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Sea Fiber Networks Partners With euNetworks

By admin, July 17, 2012 10:11 am

CeltixConnect?from Sea Fiber links into its own exchange at Halmer End called the Staffordshire Gateway?(News – Alert), making use of the Welsh Government’s open access network?Fibrespeed. This highly strategic gateway allows dark fiber connections northwards to Manchester, directly southwards to London or onwards to Europe over various third party dark fiber providers through SFN’s Partner Network Program.?

Recently, Sea Fiber Networks announced a new fiber contract with euNetworks, one of Europe’s bandwidth infrastructure providers. Connected with a high capacity intercity backbone, euNetworks owns and operates 13 fiber based metropolitan networks across Europe, the company stated in a press release.

euNetworks’ customers have been provided with a low latency solution that connects Ireland to the United Kingdom on a wholly diverse route to existing, older sub-sea systems from the end of June. At 136 kilometers, CeltixConnect is the shortest sub-sea network linking Ireland and the United Kingdom and offers the important infrastructure as a foundation for low latency bandwidth solutions. Allowing the transport of data from Ireland across to Europe, the new fiber network is a completely diverse route.

David Selby, VP of Product and Strategy of euNetworks stated, “This diverse link between the United Kingdom and Ireland serves euNetworks’ customers in the financial services, carrier and media segments who depend on highly reliable, scalable and low latency connectivity services. These customers depend on euNetworks for a state-of-the-art network infrastructure like CeltixConnect that supports their future ambitions.”

Recently, TMC?(News – Alert) reported that the company provided a 100 Gigabit (G) capable network to market by upgrading its European long haul transport platform. casino .?The upgraded platform, combined with a dual gateway strategy and unique mesh based fiber city networks, offers unique proposition to the market.

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B&B Electronics Europe Deploys Communications Network for Volvo Ocean Race Galway Grand Finale

By admin, July 6, 2012 2:13 pm

B&B Electronics recently announced that its European operation has provided an extensive fiber, cellular and wireless communications network for the Volvo Ocean Race Galway Grand Finale.

The fiber, cellular and wireless communications network is deployed across 10 event locations, including the docks area, event headquarters, media center, Race Village, Global Village and seaside resort of Salthill. Company officials said that the network supports security, crowd management, Web feeds, live TV and radio broadcasts, video streaming, credit card and point-of-sale facilities.

In addition, it also supports commentator feeds, big screen displays and interfaces to Volvo’s own IT Group.

Previously, Galway based B&B Electronics Europe provided network expertise for the Galway leg of the Volvo Ocean Race in 2009. The company is again providing as well as monitoring the physical communications infrastructure including Internet access and a ruggedized network that is used by the race teams, media and Galway event management teams.

In order to ensure network redundancy and make difficult remote connections, fiber, cellular and other wireless communications technologies were used, according to company officials.

There is a 20 km of fiber in the docks area that includes sections microtrenched into the ground as well as marine fiber installed by divers. Using its GhostBridge Wireless Ethernet Bridges, the company created point-to-point equipment links across the harbor to establish Internet connectivity at remote locations — where wired infrastructure was not feasible.

Additional network equipment included the company’s ELinx Ethernet Extenders, ELinx ESW Series Ethernet Switches, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Switches, and Cellular Wireless Routers used for failover connectivity.

Launched last year in February, GhostBridge creates a transparent, secure, high-speed — up to 150Mbps — point-to-point link between two remote devices or networks, eliminating up to 15km of expensive and damage-prone wiring, said company officials.

B&B worked with the Galway event organizer, Let’s Do It Global, to provide the network.

B&B Electronics is a provider of rugged M2M connectivity and communications solutions for wireless and wired networks. online casino . “Our engineers are increasingly asked to help connect M2M devices being deployed in increasingly challenging locations, and where network boundaries are being relentlessly stretched to reach them, but this project takes the cake,” said Jerry O’Gorman, managing director at B&B Electronics Europe.

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Optical Communications Group Connects "Manhattan Bypass" Route to Europe to DuPont Fabros Technology’s NJ1 Data Center

By admin, June 27, 2012 2:04 pm

At the Telecom Exchange Press Room, Optical Communications Group, announced the commencement of the Manhattan Bypass” network at the DuPont Fabros Technology’s NJ1 data center. The privately held fiber optic connectivity provider was quick to highlight the uniqueness of the route from New Jersey to Europe?and how being located at Piscataway, NJ1, ?has become one of the most efficient data centers available in the Greater Metro New York Area.

“Our OCG route travels through New Jersey straight to Europe, avoiding the traditional and congested connection points within Manhattan,” states Brad Ickes, president of OCG. “With this diversity, NJ1 customers have added redundancy and security for their critical networks. This flexibility allows for primary network maintenance and cost effective bandwidth bursts.”

“Carriers continue to build their fiber networks to NJ1,” states Vinay Nagpal, director of Carrier Relations for DuPont Fabros Technology. “With over a dozen carriers operational at NJ1, we offer optimal connectivity options to several major financial centers including Mahwah, Carteret, Chicago, and now to European markets.”

OCG’s “Manhattan Bypass” has been designed to avoid the overcrowded routes in Manhattan by linking through the landing stations in Long Island. From NJ1, the unique path travels to Long Island via Staten Island and Brooklyn. casino online . Once it ends up at Long Island, the network connects to three transatlantic cables: AC-2/Yellow, Apollo and AC-1, which ensure low latency connectivity to Europe for enterprise and financial customers pursuing variety in the region.

Apart from the route to Europe, OCG is delivering diversity from NJ1 to Manhattan through an alternative network ring. The alternate New Jersey to Manhattan cable travels from NJ1 to Manhattan via Staten Island and Brooklyn and the network diversity provides redundancy for clients in the event of a power failure in Manhattan. Additionally, the route is obtainable for temporary connections to increase primary routes without earning substantial fees. The routes are available for customized periods of time, and availability is seldom an issue.

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euNetworks Launches 100 Gigabit Capable Network Pan Europe

By admin, May 17, 2012 2:07 pm

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Demand for FTTH Remains an Issue

By admin, May 10, 2012 2:21 pm

It’s still unclear how much demand for 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps broadband access exists, at prices suppliers are willing to offer, in European and North American markets. Significantly lower prices seem to be the key, according to sells fiber-supplied Internet at 100 Mbps for about $40 a month, and includes a home phone line with unlimited national calls. A 1-Gbps service costs about $70 per month, relative to the markets where it operates, in which Comcast offers broadband service with Internet speeds of 105 Mbps for about $200 a month.

Verizon’s?(News – Alert) FiOS service offering 150 Mbps costs about $200 per month.

In 2012, has gotten penetration substantially above what we have tended to see in other markets where such service is available.

In Sebastopol, Calif., about 39 percent of households are now customers. In Forestville, Calif., 20 percent of households are customers.

Healdsburg, Calif. has 11 percent take rates, along with Santa Rosa. Petaluma, Calif. has about five percent take rates.

The point is that making “superfast” broadband available is only part of the adoption story. There has to be demand, at prices consumers think are “fair,” and that suppliers can afford to offer. maintains that a “passing” costs about $500. So at 33 percent take rates, the cost per customer for the network is about $1,500 each.

But we will soon get additional tests of demand.

BT’s?(News – Alert) “Openreach” fiber to the home network now has reached about ten million premises across the United Kingdom, ahead of schedule. This is some months ahead of the original deadline for this figure, at the end of 2012. The FTTH network is expected to enable access speeds up to about 80 Mbps.

By some estimates, there have been 570,000 sales so far, both by BT and all wholesale partners, representing penetration of 5.8 percent. Of course, early in the deployment of any new fixed network, sales efforts necessarily are circumscribed as most of the work goes into physical construction.

To be sure, some will argue that BT and others have not moved fast enough.

Only about 14 percent of respondents to a survey currently see a need for speeds of 50 Mbps or higher, about five percent of the total 3,000 customer sample, and would imply a total nine percent penetration of super-fast broadband when added to the four percent who already have speeds over 50 Mbps, the Marketing Directors said.

Among the 35 percent who want a higher broadband speed, there was only a modest willingness to pay more. Around 42 percent of those who want a faster speed would not be prepared to pay more for it.

Another 25 percent would be prepared to pay up to €5 a month for their desired faster speed. About 15 percent would be prepared to pay over €15 a month for their desired faster speed. casino .

Only about 35 percent of broadband owners currently see a need for faster broadband speeds, and only 20 percent are prepared to pay more for it. ?Of the 35 percent who do want faster speeds, about half would like to see their broadband speed double within two years.

Keep in mind “doubling” would generally be from about 7 Mbps, a typical capability for many customers.

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JDR Cables completes £30 Million investment in Hartlepool plant

By admin, May 7, 2012 7:36 am

Monday, May 07, 2012

JDR Cables, the leading provider of specialist high performance subsea cables and umbilical systems for the offshore oil, gas and renewables market, is delighted to announce that it has completed investment of £30 million in its Hartlepool plant, bringing the company into a new phase of growth.

The substantial investment in the Hartlepool plant, which employs 140 people from the local community, demonstrates that JDR Cables is now firmly positioned asa world class supplier of subsea umbilicals and power cables to the oil, gas and renewables industries.

JDR, which is the UK’s sole supplier of sub-sea array cable, is near completion of delivery of more than 200 kilometres of cables for one of the world’s largest offshore wind farm installations, the London Array project, and was recently awarded a contract for Dong Energy’s Gunfleet Sands wind farm project.

Andrew J. best online casino . Norman, CEO of JDR Cables said:

“We are delighted to have achieved this significant milestone at our Hartlepool plant, which positions us as a key supplier to the UK round three and Scottish territorial wind farm projects, in cooperation with other UK based suppliers. casino . JDR Cables’ significant investment in manufacturing infrastructure at Hartlepool has materially improved our ability to deliver major contracts to clients. JDR is now well positioned to take advantage of the pipeline of opportunities in our core markets as a result of this substantial investment.”

JDR Cables was the 2010 winner of the Queen’s Award for export and is currently bidding on UK, European and US renewable projects. The company has been supported by a grant from the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to evaluate future potential sub-sea cable and manufacturing technologies.


Source: JDR Cables

Tratos Wins Baghdad Refinery Cable Contract

By admin, March 28, 2012 11:38 am

Wednesday, Mar 28, 2012

Tratos has been awarded a €1 million contract to supply Iraq’s state-owned Midland Refineries Company (MRC) with cables for installation at the Daura Refinery in Baghdad.
A range of power cables, high temperature cables and fire resistant cables have been supplied to MRC, a new customer for Tratos, as part of the modernisation process of the Refinery. casino .

The Daura refinery, located in the south of Baghdad, was constructed in 1953 and started operations in 1955. It daily produces 3 million litres of gasoline, 1.5 million litres of kerosene and 2 million litres of gas oil, along with other products going to local power plants and industrial use.

Tratos Cavi has been producing cables for use in the oil and gas industry throughout its 40 year history. The cables are manufactured to all the relevant American, British and European standards including BS6883, NEK 606 & UKOOA.

For more information, please contact Tratos on +39 0575 794 329 or go to


Source: Tratos

Dow Electrical & Telecommunications advances the performance of TR-XLPE for MV cables

By admin, March 26, 2012 5:32 pm

Monday, Mar 26, 2012

Horgen, Switzerland – March 26, 2012 – Dow Electrical & Telecommunications (Dow E&T) has made a small but powerful change in the formulation of its market-leading tree- retardant crosslinked polyethylene (TR-XLPE) for medium voltage (MV) power cable insulation. This change will enable an enhanced level of performance for underground (UG) cable manufacturers, installers and utilities. DOW ENDURANCEâ„¢ HFDC-4202 EC offers:

Expected longer life than existing TR-XLPE products

Improved performance in wet UG operations through enhanced tree-retardant technology

Reduced strip force, with Dow E&T insulation shields, allowing for easier and cleaner termination and splicing of cable during installation

Improved manufacturing robustness which ensures improved cable quality

Ability for continuous operations at 105°C cable rating, with Dow E&T
semiconductive shields

“Over time we’ve demonstrated that proper material selection is critical to the performance of the cable in field applications,” said Nathan Jeppson, Global Power Platform Leader, Dow E&T. “Equally important is high-quality cable manufacturing. As part of our Dow Inside program, we’ve worked closely with select cable manufacturers during the one-year ICEA S-94 cable qualifications that are now complete. Based upon these results, we are confident that DOW ENDURANCE HFDC-4202 EC delivers excellent performance.”

DOW ENDURANCE HFDC 4202 EC is also undergoing testing according to the European CENELEC HD 620 specification and is expected to meet the highest requirements of the long term wet aging test. More information can be found in a product specification sheet – “Enhanced Performance TR-XLPE for MV Cables” – available online at

Source: DOW

Belden focuses on wind farm management solutions at Hanover

By admin, March 14, 2012 11:28 am

Wednesday, Mar 14, 2012

At this year’s Hanover Fair Belden will showcase its world-class solutions for effective wind energy management at stand G34 in Hall 27.

Belden offers innovative products and solutions for both onshore and offshore wind power applications that help to reduce downtime, whilst at the same time meeting reliability, safety and security needs for effective wind farm management. With a proven track record in reliability and high quality, Belden solutions are deployed in around 80% of European made wind turbines.

Thanks to this strong track-record, Belden is able to offer a range of innovative products for Wind Energy Management comprising the Belden®, Hirschmannâ„¢ and Lumberg Automationâ„¢ brands, for effective cabling, networking and connectivity. At the Hanover Fair, Belden will highlight its fully integrated solutions for the fast, easy and safe installation and operation of wind farms in challenging environments. Health, Safety, Welfare and Environmental principles should be applied to the task of defensive driving school online for work in every organisation..

New products to be featured at the Hanover Fair include the Hirschmannâ„¢ BAT-C, an industry-grade IP65 WLAN client. This basic and inexpensive client can be cost-effectively deployed in any WLAN installation where there is no need for high-end clients. Supporting the new IEEE 802.11n transmission standard, the BAT-C has a data rate of up to 150 Mbps. mobile casino . Fast roaming ensures an uninterrupted connection while switching from one radio cell to another.

Belden will also introduce the Hirschmannâ„¢ OCTOPUS 24M-8PoE with the ability to deliver PoE through 8 connections so that more applications can be powered at once.

The main emphasis will be on complete solutions for onshore and offshore wind parks, using Belden® industrial Ethernet and fiber wire and cable systems, the full range of Hirschmannâ„¢ switches, as well as Multiport Firewall; Lumberg Automationâ„¢ connectors and actuators; and the Belden®/Hirschmannâ„¢ modular industrial patch panel (MIPPâ„¢). 7Redin casino nojaa naihin peleihin ja lopputulos on erittain onnistunut..

Ute Decker, Vertical Marketing Manager Renewables says: “In an industry where stable operation and maximum uptime are key requirements, Belden offers a range of highly cost-efficient future-proofed solutions that fully comply with all required standards. From the effective transmission of telemetric data to video monitoring of windfarms, Belden offers complete solutions for the successful management of windfarms.”

For more information on Belden and its products visit Belden at the Hanover Fair or go to

Source: EMG

Malta Announces Plans to Deploy Fiber Network

By admin, February 28, 2012 6:56 pm

The island nation of Malta has announced plans to roll out Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

The move comes after a feasibility study from Analysis Mason commissioned by the government. Cooperating with the government, the company researched the technical and economic challenges involved in rolling out next-generation broadband to the tiny country. Analysis Mason interviewed various stakeholders during the project.

The government has issued a call for Expressions Of Interest (EOI), allowing interested parties to offer bids on contracts to build the network, with the contracts going to the lowest bidders.

“These stakeholders contributed to an informed and balanced understanding of the Maltese market, the local processes for building a national FTTH network and the level of existing assets that could be used in its development,” Pat Kidney, Senior Manager at Analysys (News – Alert) Mason said.

The move is part of Malta’s attempt to follow EU guidelines for having a next-generationbroadband network capable of 100 Mbit/s throughput by the year 2020. The European Commission has sought $13 billion for building broadband networks across the European Union.

Analysys Mason studied exchange areas and local costs to tailor their plan to the country’s unique topography and geography.

“We then analyzed a number of possible scenarios to understand which of them would best achieve the government’s objectives. The selected scenarios were used to build financial and economic models, and the outputs were captured in the study report,” Kidney said.

The government recognizes the costs of building the network and is willing to intervene if necessary. “Intervention by the government will aim to ensure that wholesale access to the network is available to all market players, in order to foster healthy retail competition. An appropriate range of wholesale products will therefore be required to enable service providers to differentiate themselves from each other,” Kidney said.

The government of Malta is considering differing models of operating the network.

The first is a private method, with the government funding the development, but having no role in owning or operating the network. The other model is a joint venture, with the government and private companies splitting the duties of managing the network.

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