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SolveForce Expands Partnerships to More U.S. Carriers

By admin, July 17, 2012 5:13 pm

SolveForce , a provider of Fiber Optic Network Solutions?(News – Alert), Ethernet Fiber, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and Ethernet over Copper services, recently expanded its partnerships with more carriers in the United States to provide even more services to its customers.

The company also supplies Ti and T3 lines, PBX?(News – Alert) systems, VoIP and SIP trunking while its variety of Ethernet services are provided via Dark Fiber and Metro Ethernet.

SolveForce also offers real-time pricing for services on over 40 carriers, allowing prospective customers to select the service they want and instantly view a price for it. Real-time pricing is applicable to all of SolveForce’s Internet services, making budgeting easier.

The company also allows smaller businesses to create their own private networks. Businesses can essentially purchase inactive optical fiber to craft a dedicated network, saving them a substantial sum in bandwidth fees.

Because a business can own the entire network, data transfer is also faster and more secure than with shared lines.

Metro Ethernet and Fast Ethernet are services capable of delivering high speeds by using different carriers with newer technologies such as Ethernet Fiber and Ethernet over Copper, allowing for speeds up to one gigabit per second.

However, SolveForce is capable of providing service speeds up to 10 gigabits per second with GigE.

Aside from its wide range of Internet services and IP telecommunications services, SolveForce also offers cloud computing through its partners?including Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, Desktop-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, Hosting-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Ethernet-as-a-Service.

Lastly, SolveForce prides itself in providing all of these services at reasonable prices. Some customers have commented on the company’s services saying: “I just installed Ethernet for my business and was amazed at the speed and efficiency of the system and the great support I experienced with SolveForce. For great prices and best value just come to and get an instant quote. Starting from the first night of his debut world tour, invites you to follow him on his rollercoaster ride to superstardom as he visits the far corners of the globe, makes his very own movie, records his new album, wins numerous awards and pens a bestselling book, to name just a few of the amazing feats he s achieved over the past few years..”

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Global Optical Communication Industry Still has Potential for Component Suppliers – LightCounting

By admin, July 12, 2012 10:32 am

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Azzurro HD Leverages Lightower’s New Ultimate Media Platform for Fiber-Based Video Services

By admin, June 21, 2012 4:52 pm

Broadcast-quality video transmission services provider, Azzurro HD, is leveraging Northeast metro fiber and bandwidth provider Lightower Fiber Networks’ new Ultimate Media Platform to power Azzurro’s?(News – Alert) all digital switching and transport solutions for uncompressed HD video.

According to Azzurro, Lightower’s new Ultimate Media Platform provides best-in-class, fiber-based video transport services at over 30 venues, broadcast centers and video distribution facilities throughout the New York City and New Jersey area.?

The New York-based video transmission services provider said the Ultimate Media Platform supports a variety of compressed or uncompressed video formats including ASI, SDI, HD/SDI and JPEG2000.?The platform also offers protect path options and 24/7 service monitoring, year-round, from Lightower’s geographically diverse Network Operation Centers.?

Azzurro will apply the Lightower platform throughout the New York City and New Jersey area for current and future video customers.

“Lightower is pleased to announce Azzurro as a new customer on our Ultimate Media Platform,” said Rob Shanahan, president and CEO at Lightower.?“We believe that our platform offers the industry’s best video transport services, with the limitless bandwidth of the Lightower Network combined with complete protection options, constant monitoring, and the breadth of support for different video formats.”

Similarly, Azzurro Group’s president and COO Francis Luperella commented on this partnership, saying that working together will raise the bar considerably from a quality and technical standpoint for video transport at the local video loop level.

In his words, “Lightower has discarded the two cans and a shoestring mentality when it comes to telco-provided local video loops, and has created a video platform that will take both Azzurro and Lightower to the next generation of local video transport.?The quality of Lightower’s Ultimate Media Platform, coupled with Azzurro HD’s all digital switching facility, creates the best one-two punch in the business.”

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Integra Telecom’s On-Net Locations Grows to More than 2,000

By admin, June 18, 2012 11:46 am

Integra Telecom?(News – Alert) Inc., a provider of fiber-based, business-grade networking, communications and cloud solutions, has added 115 new customer builds since January, which makes its total number of fiber-based on-network locations to 2,013. This milestone highlights Integra’s year over year investment in its vast fiber expansion and commitment to deliver reliable, high-bandwidth data transport and innovative new services to enterprise and wholesale customers.

“Today’s enterprise customer requires reliable and scalable high-bandwidth connectivity to move more and more data — even their business-critical applications — to a cloud-based infrastructure,” said Joe Harding, senior vice president of marketing. Most of these are advertisements for colon urine drug test products being sold.. “To meet this demand, Integra continues to strengthen our fiber network, expanding our market reach and bringing highly scalable, managed connections to new and existing customers.”

According to a press release, the growing number of on-net locations and fiber density indicates Integra’s commitment in delivering bandwidth-intensive networking and cloud solutions to its customer base spread over the company’s key markets. The growth in its fiber footprint also supports Integra’s integrated IT solutions and product offerings, including Wavelength Services, the continued expansion of its Ethernet services portfolio, as well as collaboration and messaging services.

“Integra’s strategic fiber builds enable transport to our key targets — data centers, carrier hotels and wireless service centers — throughout our footprint,” said Dan Stoll, vice president, business development. “These central locations provide the big-data pipes and infrastructure that allow us to deliver highly capable and cost-efficient communications and data services to wholesale and enterprise business customers across our largest markets. online casinos .”

?The combination of Integra’s dense metro and long-haul fiber footprint and its on-net locations, allows the company to provide point-to-point connectivity of up to 10Gbps to more customers than ever before. Integra’s robust fiber network enables secure, high-bandwidth applications for business segments such as Healthcare, Public Sector, Financial, Technology and Profession Services.

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Peak 10 Selects Zayo Group as Bandwidth Infrastructure Provider

By admin, June 15, 2012 8:49 pm

Zayo Group?(News – Alert) stated its managed fiber will connect Peak 10, a new 60,000-square-foot University Research Park data center, to the existing campus in southwest Charlotte. The merger of these two data centers is expected to triple Peak 10’s current data center footprint and Zayo will furnish it with operational and bandwidth scalability.

Zayo’s bandwidth infrastructure solutions are reportedly provided over its regional and metro fiber networks in markets across the nation. Enterprises, schools, hospitals, governments, banks and service providers rely on the company’s portfolio for high-quality, reliable, communication services at a cost-effective price. With its full suite of network services and local support teams to respond to users’ needs, they can focus on their business while Zayo takes care of their network. ?

Zayo’s Managed Fiber solution is where Zayo will build, manage and operate a fully redundant Wavelength system until Peak 10 is ready to take control of the equipment and dark fiber. Zayo added that the managed fiber delivers the ownership economics Peak 10 was looking for while utilizing its operational expertise during early stages of operation.

“Utilizing Zayo’s Managed Fiber made sense from a scale and economics perspective,” said Ronnie Frames, VP of Network and Cloud Infrastructure for Peak 10. casino . “It allows us to quickly create a wave-based network that is secure, redundant and expandable, with the backing of additional expert support to increase our operations skill set in optical networking.”

Zayo’s Wavelength services offer 2.5-Gbps or 10-Gbps optical circuit connections and delivers affordable high-bandwidth transport connectivity in single or multiple wavelengths, making it easy for businesses to grow. Zayo’s fiber connections are scalable, flexible, simple, and high in security and redundancy.

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NetX Deployed BridgeWave Solution to Provide Temporary Internet Access to Film Crew

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Zayo Group All Set to Acquire FiberGate

By admin, June 6, 2012 11:02 am

Zayo Group?(News – Alert) is all set to acquire FiberGate, Inc., a Washington, D.C. metro area provider of dark fiber services.

The privately -owned Zayo Group, which is a national provider of fiber-based bandwidth infrastructure, network-neutral colocation and interconnection services, has already executed a definitive agreement in this regard.

The transaction, subject to customary approvals, will be funded from cash on hand and is expected to close by the end of the third quarter, 2012.

Zayo previously announced its agreement to acquire AboveNet, which is anticipated to close this summer.

The acquisition of FiberGate is expected to add 130,000 fiber miles to Zayo’s metro network in and around the nation’s capital.

The current FiberGate network also includes 315 on-net buildings and two recently completed expansions to Frederick and Baltimore, Maryland.

“The Washington, D.C. / Northern Virginia area is a uniquely important geography for government, data centers and Internet connectivity,” said Dan Caruso?(News – Alert), chief executive officer of Zayo Group, in a statement.

Caruso said that the combination of AboveNet’s and FiberGate’s networks will create an extensive fiber footprint in this strategic bandwidth corridor.

“I am proud of the business we have built including great customer relationships and an extensive fiber network,” said Bill Boyle, CEO of FiberGate, who co-founded the business in 1995 and has been CEO from inception. In March 2010, justin bieber songs lyrics movies performed the final party in version K naan with “Wavin ‘ Flag”..

“Government has long been our sweet spot, but in recent years we have broadened our reach to carriers and enterprises,” said Boyle.

“The simplicity of FiberGate’s business model combined with its excellent inventory data makes it a straightforward business to integrate,” emphasized Caruso.

Earlier in May, Cbeyond?(News – Alert), Inc. had announced a formal agreement with Zayo.

?This partnership will enable Cbeyond to leverage Zayo’s infrastructure to bring high-speed bandwidth connectivity to small and medium sized businesses via dark fiber.

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ASSIA DSL Expresse 2.7 Supports 100-Mbps VDSL

By admin, June 4, 2012 6:06 pm

ASSIA DSL Expresse 2.7, a new version of the company’s software for optimizing the performance of DSL networks, is seen as a major first step toward allowing service providers to use fixed networks. These networks support networks offering access at 100 megabits per second using vectored very-high-bitrate digital subscriber line (VDSL) services, expected to see accelerated deployments in 2012 and 2013.

ASSIA Expresse 2.7 is the first product to offer advanced network management software for multi-tenant environments, where carriers must, or want to offer wholesale customers unbundled loops.

The latest version of the software includes support for identifying noise and interference issues that are more challenging compared to slower-speed DSL versions, helping service providers better identify issues that are dynamic, and vary by time of day, seasons of the year and subscriber behavior.

A recurring problem is “missing microfilters,” and the software allows for the detection of those conditions.

The latest version 2.7 also allows service providers to optimize performance, line by line, for latency performance, speed or throughput over time. Additional support for real-time optimization is also a new feature, according to Jerome Joanny, ASSIA senior director.

Although much of the demand can be expected to come from service providers in Europe and Latin America, higher-speed VDSL will likely be an important tool for North American operators, as many executives believe the business case for additional fiber-to-home or fiber-to-neighborhood upgrades is difficult.

That means a continuing reliance on faster copper-based access.

DSL and next-generation VDSL boast 70 percent of the consumer broadband line market share worldwide, according to Point Topic.

DSL and VDSL also added a whopping 50 million lines from Q3 2010 through Q3 2011, while cable and fiber to the home (FTTH) increased by only 10 million and three million lines, respectively.

The promise of FTTH is still largely a promise, with only 2.5 percent of access lines worldwide, due to the high cost of deploying fiber, according to Steve Timmerman, ASSIA SVP.

Wideband telco services subscribers are forecast to rise to 281 million in 2014, expanding at 30.9 percent per year from 73 million in 2009. ADSL subscribers will grow at only 8.4 percent per year during the same period, reaching 458 million in 2014, up from 305 million in 2009, a 2010 forecast by iSuppli Corp. suggests.

More recently, iSuppli has suggested that VDSL deployments might represent about six percent of new installations. Among technologies, asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) continues to account for more than half of all net additions in the world with 51 percent share, driven by demand in developing regions, particularly China and Latin America, iSuppli says.

The combined market share of fiber technologies came in second with about 34 percent of the market, followed by cable modems at nine ?percent and VDSL at six percent.?

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Appia Communications Partners up with Pangaea Networks in New York

By admin, June 1, 2012 9:51 am

Businesses in the New York City’s metropolitan area will be able to take advantage of Appia Communications’ services if they are located within Pangaea Networks’ fiber optic network, according to a press release.

VP of Sales at Appia, Jason Ulm, said, “The customers we serve with Pangaea fiber access will have unlimited bandwidth available at considerable savings.”

These two companies have teamed up and will also offer new services for customers. casino .

New services include VoIP, SIP trunking, video conferencing, nationwide networking and managed data services. The nationwide consumer credit score ratings agencies don’t disclose how scores are calculated, so no one knows exactly how they are determined.. These are possible because of the expanded communications and fiber optics networks.

VP of Business Development at Pangaea Networks?(News – Alert) Kevin Black expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. The enhanced fiber network that Appia will offer Pangaea will allow his company to expand communication possibilities.

“The buildings we currently serve now have the advantage of an enhanced fiber network linked with a multitude of managed communication services,” he said. “Now that’s a telecom partnership worth talking with your business partners about!”

Appia Communications is a provider of managed communications and network services while Pangaea Networks is a provider of multi-protocol Metro Ethernet Local Loop connectivity in New York City and the tri-state area.

Meanwhile, you can check out our interview with Kevin Black?(News – Alert), VP of Business Development at Pangaea Networks here.

Black goes into more detail about the company and explains how Pangaea Networks provides a flat rate pricing to carriers and continues to grow even as the economy worsens. He also mentions some other areas the company operates in like New Jersey, Connecticut and Long Island.

Fiber optics deals with transferring information or data through a flexible fiber made of silica. You can learn more about the history of this technology here. online slots .

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Telcordia Supports Rollout of Telecoms Network for JT Group

By admin, May 22, 2012 1:06 am

Telcordia’s?(News – Alert) network planning, engineering and design platform is supporting the rollout of a comprehensive fiber telecom network for JT Group (formerly Jersey Telecom).

The companies’ ?FTTH project will see Telcordia’s Plan-to-Provision for Fixed Broadband solution support the replacement of JT’s existing copper network with a newly-designed fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) infrastructure.

JT is a well-known telecommunications provider for the U.K.’s Channel Islands, and Telcordia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ericsson?(News – Alert), the developer of mobile, broadband and enterprise communications software and services.

The completion of the process will enable fast broadband speeds to 90,000 people on the island by 2016.

Users will be able to access broadband from their home or their business thanks to the Telcordia OSS solution, which provides JT with a map-based tool to accelerate and optimize its FTTH planning, designing, documenting and inventory management.

“The Telcordia solution proved to be uniquely capable in providing the necessary detail, design automation and ability to handle the complexity of this process to the level we require,” said Dave Newbold, chief operations & technology officer at JT. ?

This solution has also let JT cut the time and cost of its fiber build out program, and allow for better tracking of the FTTH architectures required to accommodate variations in housing density.

“The designs will conform to our standards, thereby saving us costs with more consistency for our newly hired field engineers,” added Newbold. “We also expect efficiency gains as we continue our FTTH deployments across our operating markets.”

Telecom equipment and services provider Ericsson bought Telcordia for $1.15 billion earlier this year.

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