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Fiber Optic Engineers Can Now Analyze OTDR Traces Using iPhone, iPad

By admin, March 19, 2012 12:03 pm

As the increase in demand for mobile integration becomes more necessary for companies in the telecom industry, it’s no surprise that developers across the board are creating mobile applications to make the lives of professionals that much easier while on the go.

However, one segment of the telecom industry that took a bit longer for developers to mobilize included applications geared towards assisting fiber optic engineers. However, once the integration of fiber optic tracers began being developed and integrated into mobile applications, apps for Apple (News – Alert) devices were still nonexistent. For a long time there was no version of any OTDR trace viewer available for iOS devices at all- until now.

In order to meet the growing demand for fiber optic trace viewers on iOS devices, OptixSoft, a fiber optic software development company, introduced Fiberizer, a mobile OTDR data results analysis application for iPhone (News – Alert) and iPad platforms.

The Fiberizer mobile app was designed to address the optical fiber telecommunication problems fiber optic engineers face today while on the go, working in the field. As the first mobile application for fiber optic test and measurement engineers, Fiberizer allows engineers and fiber optic line installers who utilize OTDR in their daily tasks to review and analyze OTDR traces.

Providing engineers with the ability to access and analyze OTDR traces directly from his or her smartphone not only makes their jobs easier, but also helps to reduce the time from fiber measurement to qualified analysis.

In addition, with seamless integration with platforms like Google (News – Alert) Docs and DropBox, Fiberizer provides a wide net of accessibility of measurement data inside team and high response rate in case any problems with cable occur. Fiberizer is also compliant with universal Telcordia (News – Alert) GR-196 & SR-4731 *.sor format, ensuring the latest industry standards are met at all times.

Fiberizer app is now available for free in the Apple AppStore. For more information, visit the company’s website.

Edited by Juliana Kenny

TopMatic cable calculation now available for smartphones

By admin, January 3, 2012 4:44 am

Tuesday, Jan 03, 2012

In order to make it easy to select the most suitable cable for every
installation, Top Cable has developed an “App” of its well-known
computer tool, TopMatic.
It is a useful tool for engineers, installers, distributors,
teachers and students.

Smartphones iPhone, Blackberry and Android provide an ideal platform to expand
services to clients Top Cable that are increasingly using new technologies for
their daily professional efforts.
the correct selection of an electric cable can be done on site or in front of a
counter in a retail outlet, instead of waiting to move into the office to make
appropriate calculations.


Parera, CEO of Top Cable, said that “now we can be with our customers,
providing service anywhere.”
adds: “As leaders in the electrical sector, we must not just promote our
range of cables and services, but also use the best technology to foster deep
and lasting relationships with our customers.
want to help them save their time and resources, and this App for mobile phones
is a good example of that. “


install the App, you only need to enter the Apple App Store (and their
equivalents in Blackberry and Android), type the word “Topmatic” in
the product search and click on the “Install”.
The program is free.

various displays, Topmatic will guide the user in the choice of cable and
numeric data entry application in the calculation.

select suitable cable for your electrical installation the user must enter data
such as voltage drop, the temperature of the driver or the installation method,
among others.
the final screen, along with recommended cable section, containing all the
search parameters.
you can get a full report customizable, printable and forwardable email.

UNE 20460-5-523
programme considers the maximum voltage drop and uses norm UNE 20460-5-523 as a
reference for admissible currents.

Available in eight languages
Topmatic App is available in different languages: English,
Spanish, Catalan, French,
Portuguese, German, Dutch and Danish.

Cable is developing new applications that will soon be available to continue
providing service to users in the electricity sector: distributors, installers,
students and teachers of electricity, etc.

Source: TopMatic Cable

Twenty-one ignored iOS accessories

By admin, December 16, 2011 9:44 pm

by Dan Frakes,  

As a Macworld editor who coordinates coverage of iPhone, iPad, and iPod accessories, we see lots of rigging over a march of a year. Unfortunately, since time and space are not gigantic resources, not any object can suffer a day in a sun. Still, in a seductiveness of giving good products their due, here’s a demeanour during some of a year’s best under-the-radar accessories—ones that have done my iOS-using life some-more enjoyable. Many of these products would make good present ideas, or good add-ons for that new iPhone, iPad, or iPod we competence accept yourself.

  • 8d75b wht ipad2 thumb 227680 Twenty one overlooked iOS accessories
    Review: The iPad 2
  • 8d75b zaggfolio 188t 265612 Twenty one overlooked iOS accessories
    Macworld Buying Guide: iPad keyboards
  • b08c1 150327 ipad overhead thumb original Twenty one overlooked iOS accessories
    Apple iPad
  • b08c1 iphone4s thumb 257180 Twenty one overlooked iOS accessories
    iPhone 4S review: It’s a certain thing
  • b08c1 thumb ios5 240799 Twenty one overlooked iOS accessories
    iOS 5 Review: Ambitious refurbish rings in a changes
  • b08c1 ontip 251391 Twenty one overlooked iOS accessories
    The Week in iOS Accessories: On a highway again!

Stands and mounts

b08c1 glif 188 266246 Twenty one overlooked iOS accessories

Studio Neat Glif ($20): The some-more a iPhone’s camera improves with any iteration, a some-more people are regulating a iPhone for critical photo-taking. The Glif, that indeed started shipping in late 2010, though became widely accessible early this year, is a must-have for iPhone photographers. This clever-but-simple appendage slips onto to a bottom corner of a unclothed iPhone, giving a phone a customary 1/4-inch tripod mount. When you’re not holding cinema or recording video, a Glif can be used as a mountain for propping adult your iPhone in mural or landscape orientation. (It works good for FaceTime chats.) The Glif is compress adequate to keep on your phone all a time, and a association even offers a +Pack of useful accessories for a Glif itself. (The +Pack is $12, or we canbuy a Glif and +Pack together for $30.)

b08c1 mountekmt500cd 188 266262 Twenty one overlooked iOS accessories

Mountek MT5000-CD ($25): Most automobile mounts for a iPhone or iPod insert to your windshield (leaving wires swinging everywhere), shave onto a opening (usually flimsily), or lay on your lurch (messing adult a lurch aspect if a mountain adheres; portion as a intensity missile if it doesn’t). Mountek satisfied that for many people with an iPhone or iPod, a car’s CD actor goes mostly unused, and it’s customarily right where you’d many wish to mountain your unstable player. The MT-5000CD is a singular automobile mountain that slips into a CD-player slot—far adequate to hold though not so distant as to damage—and afterwards expands for a secure fit. The cradle can accommodate a unclothed iPhone or one in a case; rotates between mural and landscape orientation; tilts left or right for a best view; and provides an opening for joining a charging wire to your player. I’ve tested dozens of iPhone and iPod automobile mounts over a years, though a MT-5000CD is a initial to acquire a permanent mark in my car. Provided a chain of your CD actor doesn’t make a MT-5000CD retard other critical controls, it’s a standout mount.

b08c1 griffinxpo 188 266251 Twenty one overlooked iOS accessories

Griffin Technology Xpo Compact Universal Tablet Stand ($30): When I’m roving with my iPad, we mostly wish a mountain to column adult the

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Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 (16GB)

By admin, December 15, 2011 8:59 pm

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MXL Tempo USB microphone is iPad compatible

By admin, December 15, 2011 10:21 am

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Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 (32GB)

By admin, December 15, 2011 6:03 am

The strange Xoom arrived in a pre-iPad 2 world. Given that context, Motorola’s strange inscription was well-designed, with good hardware, and given it noted a entrance of Honeycomb, it was arguably a initial Android inscription with a means handling system.

Less than a year later, given what Samsung has finished with a Galaxy Tab line of tablets and what Asus was means to lift off with a Transformer Prime, a association would be crazy to recover a inscription with specs and facilities matching to a Xoom. Not if it had any reasonable expectancy of success, that is.

So, as we ready to enter nonetheless another year of constantly advancing technology, a recover of a Droid Xyboard 8.2 final a question: did Motorola pull a design, performance, and facilities of a follow-up to a Xoom distant adequate to make it value considering, or is this a refuge on a highway to something distant some-more impressive?

The 8.2-inch chronicle of a Xyboard is, not surprisingly, both thinner and lighter than a 10.1-inch Xoom. It’s also lighter than a 9.7-inch iPad 2, though Apple’s inscription is still a hair skinnier.

From a front, a Xyboard looks like a standard black tablet, solely for a corners, that finish inward. The edges are lonesome with a easy-to-grip rubber element that extends to a back, until assembly with an aluminum plate. While we conclude a plate’s purpose of reinforcing a tablet’s firmness while also gripping it light, a manifest screwheads staring during me from atop a image done it formidable to omit a shoddiness of a implementation.

When hold in my hands, a Xyboard feels light and a rubber corner provides a good protected grip; however, a corners are pointier than on many tablets and tended to puncture into my palms as a result.

When hold horizontally with a cameras on a left, a Xyboard’s right corner is home to a singular speaker, a Micro-USB port, a Mini-HDMI port, and a doorway that covers a SIM label slot. On a left corner is another speaker, followed by an infrared sensor, right subsequent to a headphone jack. On a left bezel, mid between a left corners, sits a 1.3-megapixel camera, with a 5-megapixel LED-supported camera placed directly conflicting on a back. As with many smaller tablets, fixation a camera directly in a center like this tends to pull neglected guest appearances from your fingers in photos and videos. Placing a camera a small aloft or on a tip bezel would have done all a difference.

The power/lock symbol and volume online casino”>rocker are not usually dark divided on a back, though are flush with a physique of a tablet, creation them not usually formidable to accurately press, though also to find, though flipping it around. While this solves a problem of incidentally attack a buttons, it creates removing to them fast a new challenge.

The Xyboard comes with both a energy adapter and an additional USB cable, any of that plugs into a Micro-USB port. Most vendors mix a functions of these into one cable, though not so here. Unlike a minimalist inscription design, a energy adapter itself is oversize and might need we to make some room for it on your energy strip. Thankfully, with a USB wire plugged into a PC, a battery still charges, despite during a slower rate. During charging, a

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Meet a Hassle-Solving USB Cable, Cheaper Edition

By admin, December 14, 2011 11:38 pm

0aa43 3in120universal 6075488 Meet the Hassle Solving USB Cable, Cheaper EditionLast week we told we about aMagic Cable Trio, a 3-in-1 USB charge/sync wire with connectors for micro USB, mini USB, and Apple inclination (like a iPhone and iPad).

I desired a idea, though not a $19.99 price. Thankfully, sagacious reader Russell speckled a most cheaper choice on eBay: a3in1 Universal USB Data Cable Adaptor for Apple Android SmartPhone Cell Phone.

Not utterly as glamorous-sounding as “Magic Cable Trio,” we extend you, though eventually it’s a same product: a USB wire with a customary USB block during one finish and 3 renouned connectors during a other: micro USB, mini USB, and Apple iDevice.

That means we should be means to sync and/or assign only about any tool in your bag.

This cable, sole buy Hong Kong-based BossKnow, looks like a Frankenstein chronicle of a customary Apple cable: a mini-USB and micro-USB connectors poke out from possibly side of a 40-pin iDevice connector. It’s really not as superb as a Magic Cable Trio, that uses nested plugs.

On a other hand, a 3in1 Universal is labelled during $2.87–shipping included! (I overtly don’t know how a businessman can make any income on this, as only a shipping from Hong Kong contingency cost some-more than that. But who am we to argue?)

Thus, if we were meddlesome in a Magic Cable Trio though didn’t wish to bombard out $20, here’s your possibility to get some-more or reduction a same thing for 1/6 a price. I’m sold!

Contributing Editor Rick Broida writes about business and consumer technology. Ask for assistance with your PC hassles during, or try a value trove of useful folks in the PC World Community Forums. Sign adult to have theHassle-Free PC newsletter e-mailed to we any week.

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online casino .png” title=”Meet the Hassle Solving USB Cable, Cheaper Edition” alt=”0aa43 astrisk blue Meet the Hassle Solving USB Cable, Cheaper Edition” />

 Meet the Hassle Solving USB Cable, Cheaper Edition
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Six Stocking Stuffers for iPhone and Smartphone Users in Your Life: Just in …

By admin, December 14, 2011 11:18 am

 Six Stocking Stuffers for iPhone and Smartphone Users in Your Life: Just in ...オンラインカジノ日本 .” />

Download image

SUNRISE, Fla., Dec. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — If a new Apple iPhone 4S or smartphone is on your holiday present list, you’ll wish accessories that let we use your phone to a max. Concord brings lots of good hearten to all good boys and girls who dream of phones this year!

(Photo: )

NautiCase – Your Apple® iPhone 4S/4 meets with heavy-duty use.  To strengthen it from a woes of coffee splashes, random falls, raindrops or even snow, a durable NautiCase encases a phone with a high-impact polycarbonate tough case.  The transparent protecting film allows we to have full entrance to a iPhone 4 hold shade but losing any phone functionality. 

AmigoCase – For those who say a discriminating veteran look, a AmigoCase is a stylish, compress rechargeable battery container that also protects a iPhone 4S/4 when a phone is not in use. Remove a iPhone from a neat charging box when a phone rings and use a iPhone as it was designed, but heft or bulk.  When finished articulate or texting, slip a iPhone behind into a watchful wearable charging holster, and a phone will continue to charge, charity twice a speak and content time.

Solar/USB Power PAK – When you’re on a go, anticipating entrance to wall stream can be a challenge.  The Power PAK is a unstable and compress battery horse that powers adult in full or prejudiced sun, or by a mechanism USB port.  When entirely charged, a Power Pak offers twice a speak time for iPhone 4S/4 and other smartphones, 3 times a song time for iPods and MP3 players and 3 times a video diversion use time.

Booster – Heavy users of smartphones can exhaust their batteries early in a day.  The ultra-thin Keystone ECO Booster unstable battery container offers a resolution that extends a use time of a phone.  The section works with Micro USB smartphones by a built-in retractable USB wire and connects to a behind of a smartphone with an trustworthy glue pad.  The Booster provides extended battery life on a go.

SLIDER Bluetooth Keyboard – The SLIDER is designed for a iPhone 4S/4 and answers a need for those who cite a earthy keyboard to fast and simply form emails, content messages, and records with correctness and speed. With a flip of a finger, a keyboard fast slides out and a practical keyboard vanishes.

Aryca Wave and Aryca Tide – Finally, for those formulation a vacation this season, a Aryca cases protects smartphones during inlet of adult to 20 feet underwater or from a furious float down a ski slopes. The heavy-duty waterproof smartphone cases entirely encapsulate your smartphone and lets we fire video, constraint images, perspective and playback, and email or content information to friends at

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RAM Troubleshooter, Hassle-Solving USB Cable

By admin, December 13, 2011 10:28 pm

79456 zoomIcon RAM Troubleshooter, Hassle Solving USB Cable79456 memtest86 5521235 RAM Troubleshooter, Hassle Solving USB CableThink we competence have a bad RAM procedure in your PC? Freeware applicationMemTest86+ will run a memory diagnostic to assistance we find out. Before we explain more, a loyal story…

A few days ago my laptop froze adult in a frightful way: a shade incited into a mosaic of lines, boxes, and other visible oddities. we powered down, rebooted, and got behind to work–only to confront a same jail about 20 mins later. Uh-oh.

This wasn’t some Windows glitch or malware infection, that would have resulted in a common blunder messages or flaky complement behavior. No, this was roughly positively a hardware problem. The laptop in doubt was a integrate years old, and it had banged around a satisfactory bit inside my backpack. Maybe a shade was starting to go?

Then we remembered that only a integrate weeks earlier, I’d commissioned a new RAM module, lifting a sum complement memory from 2GB to 4GB. Aha, we thought, that has to be it: bad RAM.

My initial troubleshooting step was to mislay a new module, afterwards run a complement and see if it sealed adult again. It didn’t. That’s when we motionless to move in MemTest86+, to assistance me establish if a new procedure was indeed faulty.

In a aged days, using MemTest86+ meant blazing it to a vacant CD and booting a complement from it–a outrageous con any approach we cut it, and a potentially ineffectual resolution for laptops that miss visual drives.

Fortunately, there’s now aflash-drive version that’s a snap to implement and use. Just find any aged expostulate (size doesn’t matter; a application is all of 125K), afterwards download and run a “Auto-installer for USB Key.” Do note that this will need wiping a drive, so make certain we don’t have anything critical on it.

Then only reboot your PC with a peep expostulate inserted. (You might need to strike a BIOS or bucket a foot menu during startup to make certain a complement boots from a drive.) MemTest86+ will start contrast immediately, and news any errors it finds. (The whole apartment of tests can take a while to complete.)

MemTest isn’t a many user-friendly application on a world (a lot of a information and commands are Greek to me), though eventually it can answer a doubt of either or not we have bad RAM. If we do, it’s a really expected reason for visit Blue Screens of Death and other complement glitches.

Interestingly, MemTest found no errors in my RAM. And ever given reinstalling a new RAM module, a complement hasn’t crashed again. So we now consider that a procedure wasn’t scrupulously seated a initial time, or maybe got nudged lax by all my jostling. Time will tell.

Meet a Hassle-Solving USB Cable

USB: a blessing and a curse, am we right? Love a plug-and-play simplicity, hatred a miss of standards for USB connectors. Between your digital camera, e-book reader, and iPhone, we could finish adult wanting 3 opposite cables. Hassle city!

casino online .png” title=”RAM Troubleshooter, Hassle Solving USB Cable” alt=”79456 zoomIcon RAM Troubleshooter, Hassle Solving USB Cable” />16d58 magic20cable20trio 5298401 RAM Troubleshooter, Hassle Solving USB CableSo here’s an thought whose time has really come: aMagic Cable Trio. It’s a 3-in-1 USB charge/sync wire with connectors for micro USB, mini USB, and Apple iDevices. Be still my heart.

The Trio measures a travel-friendly eight

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Logitech’s Fold-Up Keyboard brings gentle typing to a iPad 2

By admin, December 13, 2011 3:20 am

c273f logitechfolduptuaw title Logitechs Fold Up Keyboard brings comfortable typing to the iPad 2

If there’s a censure we have about a many keyboard folio cases for a iPad, it’s that a keyboard is sized to compare a prolonged dimension online pokies of a device. What that means is that a keyboard is customarily utterly cramped, and a quick touch-typist like me finds that he or she is constantly creation errors. Up to this point, we haven’t found a keyboard, other thanApple’s Wireless Keyboard, that’s even remotely serviceable with a iPad. Now Logitech has introduced a US$129.99Fold-Up Keyboard, a full-sized gentle Bluetooth keyboard that protects your iPad 2 as well.


Think of a Fold-Up Keyboard as a Smart Cover-compatible behind bombard for a iPad 2 and you’re median there. Now supplement a full-sized keyboard that magically pops out of a behind of this device and swivels into place in front of a device as a column binds it up, and we have a Fold-Up Keyboard.

The keyboard facilities flattering many all of a keys in a places that you’d design to find them on a Apple Wireless Keyboard. Rather than a apart quarrel of duty keys, however, a fn pivotal works with a series quarrel of a Fold-Up Keyboard to yield iPad-specific functions. Those functions are home, search, slideshow, toggle onscreen keyboard on/off, rewind, play/pause, fast-forward, 3 volume buttons (mute, middle, loud), and capacitate close screen.

There’s usually one symbol on a keyboard that is used to put it into discoverable mode for Bluetooth pairing. Three small LEDs nearby that symbol prove that a keyboard is charging or has a low battery, that a keyboard is pairing with an iPad, and that a keyboard is in caps close mode.

Logitech includes a customary USB to micro-USB wire for charging. The keyboard takes about 3 hours to charge, though lasts for about 500 hours of typing. No AC adapter is included, that means that we possibly need to use your iPad’s adapter or another USB adapter for charging.


Putting a iPad 2 into a Fold-Up Keyboard is a cinch. Unlike many behind shells that I’ve used, a Fold-Up Keyboard indeed has a automatic fasten that thatch a device into place. Once it’s in there, all we need to do is press another small symbol that unlocks a keyboard and start maturation a “stand.” As we do that, a keyboard halves pitch into place and form a far-reaching and gentle keyboard. Opening a keyboard also powers it up; shutting a device turns off a keyboard. 25 Defining Structured .. Be certain to check out a gallery next for images of a keyboard folding into place.

Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2

  • c273f logitechfolduptuaw 1 thumbnail Logitechs Fold Up Keyboard brings comfortable typing to the iPad 2
  • c273f logitechfolduptuaw 2 thumbnail Logitechs Fold Up Keyboard brings comfortable typing to the iPad 2
  • c273f logitechfolduptuaw 3 thumbnail Logitechs Fold Up Keyboard brings comfortable typing to the iPad 2
  • c273f logitechfolduptuaw 4 thumbnail Logitechs Fold Up Keyboard brings comfortable typing to the iPad 2
  • c273f logitechfolduptuaw 5 thumbnail Logitechs Fold Up Keyboard brings comfortable typing to the iPad 2

Closing a device is only a matter of grabbing a ends of a keyboard and pulling them towards a iPad. As a keyboard folds back, a mount slides down and a whole thing folds into a rather thick (.75 inch) package. If we already have an Apple Smart Cover for your iPad 2, we can use it for full insurance of your device.

As for a keyboard itself, it has about a same volume of pivotal transport as a Apple Wireless Keyboard and a identical feel. The keys are about a same distance as those on a Apple keyboard and

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