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Bell Aliant’s New Twitter App Makes Television a More Social Activity

By admin, June 1, 2012 5:49 pm

While many people don’t think of television as a social activity, recent advancements in Internet connectivity and portable media devices have done quite a job on turning that concept around. And with a growing number of people wanting to multi task their television and Internet experiences; providers like Bell Aliant?(News – Alert) are looking to capitalize on that desire, by bringing out a new Twitter app.

Bell Aliant’s Twitter?(News – Alert) app for FiberOP TV joins Bell Aliant’s Facebook app in providing part of the social Web-based experience that Canadian users—particularly those around Halifax—are looking for. Specifically, Bell Aliant cites reports that suggest that fully 73 percent of Atlantic Canadians are looking for the multitasking experience, and looks to provide that accordingly. And Bell Aliant isn’t just putting the tools in users’ hands and hoping they go somewhere with them on their own, oh no. casino online . Bell Aliant also has specific plans for these tools, including a “Tweet On Your TV” contest that allows users to do exactly what the name implies. Geared toward the season finale of American Idol, customers will be able to follow Bell Aliant’s twitter feed, log into the Twitter app on their televisions, and then using the app in question tweet the show they’re watching. Those customers tweeting that they’re watching American Idol will be placed in a drawing for free FiberOP service for a year, which in Halifax is worth around $1,000.

And while we’ve seen for some time now that people enjoy having an Internet connection near to hand, whether it be on their tablets or on their laptops, Canadian users are developing a particular fondness for the service, as evidenced by a set of statistics Bell Aliant unleashed to go along with their announcement. Specifically, one in three Atlantic Canadians spend at least 15 hours a week on the Internet. According to SoftPerfect, 64-bit versions of operating systems are also supported.. Also, 71 percent would give up chocolate to keep their TV service, and no less than 71 percent of Atlantic Canadians (specifically, Islanders—the numbers get higher elsewhere to include 72 percent of Nova Scotians, 75 percent of New Brunswickers, and a hefty 83 percent of Newfoundlanders) like the idea of putting their televisions to work as Internet browsers.

There are a variety of reasons for this, of course, between interest in avoiding commercials or getting better acquainted with programs currently on. But allowing users to rapidly identify actors or directors via the Internet and having that connection near to hand is easy. The combination can be even more exciting, and it’s plain to see why Canadians—among others—want the ability so deeply. Whether or not Bell Aliant will continue in this path remains to be seen, but all cable providers should find an audience to welcome it when it does arrive.

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Zayo Group Acquires Two Companies in One Week

By admin, March 23, 2012 5:20 pm

Louisville, CO.’s Zayo Group (News – Alert) LLC, a bandwidth infrastructure provider, announced this week that it had acquired AboveNet Inc. for $2.2 billion just days before the announcement that the company will acquire Arialink for $18 million.

Acquiring Arialink, a fiber optic service provider in Michigan, will nearly triple Zayo Group’s coverage in Michigan. Currently Zayo Group covers 400 miles of metropolitan miles in Ann Arbor and Lansing. The deal with add 930 miles of coverage.

Arialink currently provides dark fiber, Ethernet and optical transplant services to a variety of industries including education, government and enterprise customers. casino spiele . The deal will not include assets from residential businesses, though Arialink offers cable, telephone and Internet services. There is no word on if the cable and telephone services will still be offered.

“Arialink has built a great business by extending their fiber-based Ethernet network to key businesses and government agencies in Michigan,” said Glenn Russo, executive vice president of Zayo Group said in a press release. “We have worked with Arialink for some time and adding their reach to Zayo’s national network will allow us to offer a broader range of solutions to our collective customers.”

The venture will improve connectivity for customers in the Ann Arbor and Lansing areas with people from around the country. It will make services like gaming and video conferencing quicker and more accessible, especially in rural areas.

Though the takeover is mostly beneficial to Michigan residents, there is one major problem. Arialink provides jobs for about 50 people in downtown Lansing. With the acquisition, there may be jobs that are redundant with Zayo Group. Russo told The Lansing State Journal that there is confirmation on which jobs will be eliminated at the time of reporting.

The acquisition should be complete in the second quarter. Since 2006, Zayo Group acquired 20 companies and continues to expand its empire.

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LS Cable & System develops air blown fiber optic composite power cable

By admin, February 1, 2012 9:14 am

Wednesday, Feb 01, 2012

â–  Helps for building more efficient smart grids by combining 144 cables into one
â–  Immediately after development, LS Cable & System received an order from Energy Australia worth $10 million.
â–  As it is easy to build and manage, it has quickly become popular among domestic and overseas power authorities as well as global construction companies.

Seoul, Korea, Feburary, 1st – On the 1st, LS Cable & System (CEO & Chairman: Christopher Koo) introduced a new 12/20kV air-blown fiber optic composite power cable that combines both electric power and communication cables, necessary for building smart grids and communication networks, into one. Immediately after the announcement the Company entered into a supply contract with Energy Australia worth $10 million (KRW11.2 billion).

The most salient characteristic of this cable is that unlike conventional fiber optic composite cables installation of this product is done using high-pressure air. With this new installation method a tube of 3∼5mm in diameter is installed inside the cable and the fiber optics are pushed inside by the high-pressure air. Existing fiber optic composite cables can combine a maximum of 16 core wires into one, but this new method makes it possible to bind up to 144 optical cable core wires.

A key feature of the air blown fiber optic composite power cable is that it is also scalable which makes it possible to meet the needs of customers who want to build-out power grids and communication networks as demand arises. Also, unlike conventional fiber optic composite cables, the duel structure consisting of a plastic tube and sheath protects the cable, thereby greatly reducing the risk of damage. And because only the internal cable needs to be replaced using air pressure, operating and investment costs are also reduced. Another advantage is that the optical cable can be used to monitor the temperature and state of the cables in real time.

Mr. Heonsang Lee, Director of Overseas Sales, said, “We will work hard to promote this product targeting domestic and overseas power authorities that want to replace their existing power grids and build new smart and power grids. We will also target global construction companies that want to provide a residential environment that better fits the new lifestyle of their residents. Our goal is to turn over $40 million in the next five years.”

Source: LS Cable 

NTT Com and Partners Continue their Commitment to Delivering Enhanced Global Network Services

By admin, November 18, 2011 6:56 pm

NTT Communications (News – Alert) Corporation (NTT Com), a provider of global networks, management solutions and IT services to customers worldwide, announced its global telecommunications carrier partners renewed their commitment to enhancing their delivery and operation of NTT Com’s Arcstar global network services.

The commitment was announced at the recently held Arcstar Carrier Forum 2011 in Kobe, Japan, an international conference aimed at strengthening the global delivery and operation of Arcstar-brand managed network services.

As part of the forum, participants discussed the implementation of customer-oriented operations for comprehensively enhanced service quality and agreed to implement best practices to improve service availability, lower average outage rates, speed up failure recovery, provide customers with real-time information and detailed disclosure of failures and related follow-up, and strictly adhere to service-delivery deadlines.

Arcstar services include IP-VPN, e-VLAN, leased line and Arcstar Universal One, a cloud-optimized network service that securely links closed enterprise networks with global cloud services. NTT Com enables customers to optimize networks on a comprehensive basis through Arcstar services without having to contact different vendors for each aspect of IT infrastructure.

The forum gives an opportunity to learn service-quality improvements and strengthen customer satisfaction by setting goals for partner telecoms that provide delivery of Arcstar services in countries worldwide. Partner telecoms relay NTT Com’s global networks to their home markets and in some cases to other national markets. NTT Com also provides Arcstar services directly in many markets, the company said.

“DORMA relies on IT to operate its global business, including high-quality infrastructure to support our growth economically and efficiently,” said Dr. Siegfried Lauer, director of Group IT, DORMA, an Arcstar customer based in Germany, in a statement.

“NTT Communications, as a strategic partner of DORMA, provides us with a high-quality network. The Arcstar Carrier Forum is an excellent example of their commitment to continuously improving their services and value partnerships,” Lauer added.

In addition to the regular partners, this year’s Forum included four first-time participating carriers, aiming to further strengthen NTT Com’s worldwide ICT platform. NTT Com also presented on the company’s disaster preparedness at the Forum.

In a major development recently, NTT Communications Corporation announced the commercial viability of digital coherent transmission, a next-generation optical transmission technology. online casino . This announcement follows the successful trial of 100 gigabit per second (Gbps) optical transmission on its PC-1 transpacific submarine cable system announced in October.

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