Conolog Inks First Contract for Fidra Fiber Optic Switch with Southern Company

By admin, June 6, 2012 7:24 pm

Conolog?(News – Alert) Corp division INIVEN – responsible for manufacturing audio and digital teleprotection terminals, fiber optic communication solutions and FSK telemetry terminals – has established the first sales contract for its fiber optic protective relaying communication unit, Fidra.

The contract stipulates that INIVEN will manufacturer, deploy and support Fidra units to Southern Company, one of the largest electricity providers in the United States with over four million customers.

“The contract is significant and helps our Company continue to grow as we refocus our efforts on helping fiber optic service providers and electric utilities solve their unique fiber optic communication challenges,” said Michael Horn, a member of Conolog’s Board of Directors.

Fidra is a physical fiber optic switch capable of enabling active control of fiber optic communication, allowing electric utilities companies to more easily manage any type of fiber optics signaling for both regular operations and testing. It is also the first solution of its kind.

“Fidra is the first-ever active, multifunction fiber network physical switch of its type, designed to monitor, reroute, repeat and disable up to three fiber optic communication pairs,” said Marc Benou, president of Conolog. “Perhaps most important is that following the April launch of Fidra, we’ve secured our first contract in less than 60 days.” ?

Fidra is the latest in an extensive line of fiber optic solutions from INIVEN, including “GlowWorm,” a fiber optic detector which can be used in any fiber optic line or network without the need to cut the cable.

Conolog Corporation was established in 1968, initially specializing in solving complex commercial and military communications challenges. With the acquisition of INIVEN in 1980, Conolog added FSK audio communication equipment manufacturing to its repertoire.

In October of last year, Conolog entered subscription agreements with 14 accredited investors for the insurance and sale of a total of 5,114,072 shares in the company’s common stock. The aggregate purchase price was $0.10 per share, resulting in proceeds for the company of $511,407.20 from the subscribers.

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