PMC’s OTN Processors Enable Packet-Optimized Metro Optical Networks

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The increasing demand of transport capacity, multiple services?and end to end management to the network edge generates the need of Optical Networks product?that could offer cost- effective, flexible, converged solutions.

To address transport network requirement, PMC, a semiconductor innovator transforming storage, optical and mobile networks, has extended its leadership in optical transport with a second-generation HyPHY OTN processor?family that enables Metro OTN.

?With PMC’s?HyPHY 20Gflex?and?HyPHY 10Gflex, Metro OTN doubles packet efficiency and delivers the multiservice capabilities and scalability required for metro transport networks worldwide to cope with explosive growth in packet traffic.

?According to a press release, the HyPHY Flex devices offer OEMs with the lowest cost of development by enabling them to leverage a single device for both OTN-switched and DWDM lambda-switched optical transport equipment. Additionlly, the HyPHY Flex devices are ODU0-channelized Metro OTN processors that support the newly approved OIF?(News – Alert)-compliant OTN-over-Packet Fabric system interface, which is critical for enabling platforms to implement scalable OTN switching architectures.

“Metro transport networks are quickly evolving towards scalable OTN architectures in order to handle the growth in packet services,” said Mr. Zhang Chengliang, deputy chief engineer, Beijing Research Institute, China Telecom?(News – Alert). “Network operators need multiservice Metro OTN equipment that can address the wide range of OTN-switched and Lambda-switched network deployments that are ongoing globally.”

As Ethernet is becoming the access currency of choice,?Video and SAN client services are in growing demand, while TDM still represents an important revenue-generating service. Metro OTN now offers the fine-grain, variable-size, switchable containers required to achieve optimal network infrastructure efficiency for transporting GE, sub-rate 10GE, SAN and Video services.

The HyPHY Flex solutions are OTN processors that offer true Any-Port, Any-Rate, and Any-Service flexibility and to fully integrate both the packet mapping and packet timing functions necessary for Carrier Ethernet transport.

?In other company news, TMCnet reported that PMC will present “The Recipe for Successful 10G PON Networks” at OptiNet China on Thursday, May 31, 2012, at 2:30 p.m., in Beijing, China.

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Southern Diversified Technologies to Use Integrated Project Delivery for Mississippi Fiber Project

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A nationally recognized infrastructure services company, Southern Diversified Technologies, Inc. One of the main reasons it’s hard to obtain a credit repair letters card or loan as a freelancer is because it’s not easy to verify your income.. casino online . (SDT) was recently awarded a major contract to support Contact Networks, Inc. doing business as Inline, in development of a new project to build a high speed, next-generation fiber network.

The network was awarded under the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.

SDT’s widely diversified package of telecommunications services are typically performed individually; however, the fast pace and demanding nature of the Inline project calls for SDT’s Integrated Project Delivery method of Project Management. It’s common to see carriers and developers use the Sequential Delivery Method for building a network, which usually entails first bidding the design work, then designing the project, applying for permits, bidding the construction, building the project, etc. This process can often result in an extended completion schedule.

SDT’s Integrated Delivery Process, on the other hand, allows one team to collaborate the efforts of all disciplines – engineering/planning, construction, real estate/right-of-way/permitting, testing and implementation – through centralized project management with expertise in all fields.

As a result, the network can be built on an accelerated schedule within budget constraints.

In July and August 2010, Inline received $20 million and $11 million Stimulus Grant Awards to build a combined 1,200-mile Fiber Network Project in the Central, Southern and Delta Counties in Mississippi. Initially, the high-speed fiber network, capable of carrying over 50 billion bits per second – or one gigabit per second – will connect schools, hospitals, police stations and other public institutions.

“Our customers are looking for added value in all aspects of their developments, from design to construction and implementation – by combining all of these functions under one umbrella and utilizing the latest in technology and project methodology… we exceed those expectations,” Charlie Smith, CEO at SDT, said in a press release.

In February of this year, Souther Diversified Technologies named well-known wireless industry veteran Ron Tripodo as its Division Manager of Wireless Services. The company exhibited its fiber optic and broadband network building capabilities at the TIA Expo in Dallas earlier this month.

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Parvus Announces Availability of DuraNET 1268 Switch with TFOCA II Fiber Optic Connectors

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Why Not To Use Plug Adapters

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Plug adapters make it possible to plug a grounded plug into two-pronged polarized outlets. You see, some outlets have only two opening, a hot and a neutral. They will be able to get along in bed for some time, but according to compatibility horoscopes Cancer, partnership in the living-room will fail.. In some cases, the box is grounded and the center screw on the outlet is grounded through the case of the outlet connection to the box. In this case only, a plug adapter can be plugged into the outlet and the ground tab can be connected to the center screw of the outlet cover. This allows a path to ground for the connection.

In most cases, however, this is not the case. The two-pronged outlets have no ground and people try to cheat with their connection by adding a plug adapter. Oh yes, it will allow you to connect the appliance or device to the outlet, but at what cost?

The problem starts when their is a short to ground through the case of the appliance or device that you have plugged in. Without a path to ground through the supply connection, electricity is trying to find a path to ground. Then you show up at the device, touch the case and WHAM! You get electrocuted and wonder what hit you. And to think, all of this could have been avoided by replacing the outlet with a grounded type outlet and in some cases, replacing the non-grounded wire feeding it.

Grounded outlets come complete with a hot, neutral, and ground. Likewise, nonmetallic sheathed cable comes with a hot, neutral, and ground wire. In order to find out if the outlet is indeed grounded, use a voltage tester to test it. Place one of the leads into the shorter outlet slot (HOT) and the other on the center screw of the outlet. If the tester reads voltage, the outlet is grounded and I recommend you change the outlet to a grounded plug.

Cross River Fiber to Extend Network to New Jersey Financial Sector

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Cross River Fiber has announced plans to build a direct dark fiber network that connects Mahwah, New Jersey with other major financial hubs in the northern New Jersey area.

The announcement comes just days after NYSE Euronext (NYX) completed enhancements to its data center, opening up the facility to a greater number of service providers looking to acquire data center space and offer services within NYSE Technology’s Mahwah facility. Companies like Cross River Fiber are now able to offer “express connectivity” to financial services firms that require access to high bandwidth, resilient and ultra-low latency fiber infrastructures.

“For the past year we have been designing and constructing dedicated, ultra-low latency fiber optic solutions for the financial services community and beyond,” Vincenzo Clemente, CEO of Cross River Fiber, noted in a statement. “Now companies that leverage NYSE’s Mahwah data center facilities gain access to our Express Direct network solutions between Mahwah, NJ and other key financial services hubs in cities such as Carteret, Secaucus and Weehawken.”

NYSE Technologies, which manages NYSE Euronext, says that the new telco ‘meet-me’ rooms are expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2013. Currently, customers looking to connect to Mahwah from outside the facility are required to rely on existing SFTI Optic, IP, Wave and VPN services.

Cross River Fiber – along with any other service providers looking to take advantage of the new data center capabilities – will soon have the ability to deploy direct fiber cross-connects to other colocation participants.

Fierce Telecom?(News – Alert) reports that Cross River Fiber is far from alone in its desire to extend their fiber networks to the door of the financial services community. The site believes that major players like Verizon?(News – Alert) and smaller competitors including like Lightower and Sidera Networks are expected to throw their hat in the ring and compete with Cross River Fiber in the coming months.

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Austrian Financial Institution Selects Gemalto’s Ezio Edge Optic Solution

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Raiffeisen Banking Group, one of the largest financial institutions in Austria, has selected Gemalto?(News – Alert)‘s Ezio Edge Optic solution to secure its online banking services.

Officials with Gemalto said that the Ezio Edge Optic leverages the security of CardTAN-compliant debit cards to authenticate users, as well as authorize and sign online banking transactions. The handheld device features optical sensors to detect the online banking transaction data entered and sent from the PC screen.

“For us, usability and security always comes first. With our CardTAN-compliant Ezio solution, we are ahead of the curve and once again reinforce our leading position in Austria,” said Johannes Schuster, board member of Raiffeisen Zentralbank and responsible for Raiffeisen Group in Austria, in a statement.

“Mobility and flexibility are keywords in our time. Thanks to the portability of the Ezio Edge Optic our customers can conduct their online banking errands wherever and whenever they want, protected by the highest level of security,” said Schuster.

H?kan Nordfjell, senior vice president of eBanking at Gemalto, said that trust is the most important aspect of the relationship between a financial institution and their end customer.

“Gemalto is pleased to be able to support Raiffeisen in enhancing that trusted relationship by expanding the scope of Internet services with the secure signing of transactions,” said Nordfjell. Justin Bieeeberrr!Questions? Comments? Let us know: @billboard Print Digital Songs Feb 16, 2013 59 Boyfriend (Acoustic) View Chart Billboard Canadian Hot 100 Feb 16, 2013 80 Boyfriend (Acoustic) View Chart View moreSign up for our daily newsletter..

Recently, Gemalto, a major player in digital security, announced that Al Bilad Bank, a Shariah-based financial organization, is deploying the Dexxis Instant Issuance solution for EMV payment cards in over 120 branches throughout Saudi Arabia.

Gemalto delivered its unique end-to-end solution encompassing EMV DDA high-end security smart cards, on-the-spot card personalization and issuance solution as well as full services and support. The complete package enables Al Bilad to issue up to 2,000 cards per day.?

?Gemalto’s intuitive solution is customized in Arabic language and easy to use, allowing staff at Al Bilad branches to instantly issue new cards to any customer in less than three minutes.

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Reality Check 1
Fiber: Knitting
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Touch Me Not
Fiber: Knitting
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