AiNET Aids Keynote Systems with Data Center Colocation and Internet Connectivity

By admin, March 30, 2012 6:08 pm

Keynote Systems (News .gif” /> – Alert), a specialist in Internet, mobile cloud testing and monitoring, has picked AiNET for its data center colocation and Internet connectivity.

Keynote officials said that they thoroughly evaluated many locations and providers and later on finalized on AiNET for its reliability, flexibility, connectivity options, support, and an overall superior value proposition.

“Because we’ve deployed in so many locations around the world, not many others know how to select data center colocation sites and providers like Keynote does,” said Dave Bresci, Keynote’s director of External Operations. casino . “When we performed our evaluation, AiNET stood out from the others and its performance has exceeded our expectations.”

AiNET has deployed newly-patented power protection technology in its data centers.

This reflects AiNET’s commitment to data center reliability. Unlike non-protected data centers, a class of vulnerabilities in critical power is protected with this technology. The only data centers featuring this additional level of protection and reliability are currently operated by AiNET. A wide breadth of solution offerings and SLA coverage are only offered by AiNET.

“We know that Keynote Systems had many choices, and are thrilled that the globally-recognized expert chose AiNET in a very competitive evaluation,” said Deepak Jain, president of AiNET. ”AiNET is proving that reliability, service and flexibility can be coupled with value in a data center.”

Keynote will also benefit from the reliability, performance and quality of AiNET’s Internet access. Internet member-network autonomous system, AS 6405 is operated by AiNET and its regional, redundant DWDM fiber optic network is responsible for AS 6405’s quality and performance.

In related news, AiNET recently announced that it is bringing needed data center capacity to Maryland and new options to the data center concentration in Northern Virginia. AiNET’s new facility, named CyberNAP is the company’s third data center in Maryland. Located near Ft. Meade, home of the U.S. Cyber Command, NSA and DISA, portions of CyberNAP will offer specialized features for secure technology environments.

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UNSi Announces New Channel Partner Program

By admin, March 30, 2012 3:37 pm

UNSi’s Ethernet over Copper (EoC) Internet solutions offer reliable Internet access with speeds up to 45Mbps at costs cheaper than fiber-based services. By offering the service as an Ethernet based connection, companies can reduce costs even more by not requiring customers to invest in costly routing equipment and hardware to eliminate already existing, traditional copper-based services.

In an effort to strengthen its services, the company announced a new channel program supporting the company’s recent acquisition of IPNetZone Communications, a global network provider, according to a press release.

Partnering with UNSi, companies can rely on UNSi for all end-to end networking needs of their customers. They can also simplify their responsibilities by buying reliable and competitive services directly from UNSi. Hallo, brauchen Sie Hilfe beim Eroffnen Ihres Spielerkontos?Slots en ligne, slot machines, bandits manchots, machines a sous en ligne – quel que soit le nom que vous leur donniez, le concept reste le meme et Casino MidasFr..

The Channel Partner (News – Alert) Program (CPP) offers an online partner portal, marketing collateral, pre/post-sales support, training and a streamlined commission plan. UNSi offers three levels of partners: Master Agents, Independent Sales Agents and Wholesale/Resellers. The company also invites referrals.

CPP allows partners to resell UNSi’s expansive and flexible set of services, providing a variety of partner levels and commitments. Partners can also make use of the global reach and consolidated billing services of the UNSi.

Offering resellers/partners the cost and reach options, UNSi lets partners to combine and aggregate multiple carrier platforms. Other features include custom technical solutions for customers, sales and marketing support and world-class technical support.

TMC’s (News – Alert) Miguel Leiva-Gomez recently reported that UNSi acquired IPNetZone Communications Inc., an advanced networking firm with offices nationwide, making UNSi an MSP with its own network backbone.

UNSi pursued the acquisition for a long time on IPNetZone’s MPLS network, which makes connection initiation and communication much quicker without sending an entire IP address in a packet header. By the same programs for recovery now abound..

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JDSU Video Discusses Self Aware Networks

By admin, March 30, 2012 1:40 pm

A new video shot live at the 2012 OFC/NFOEC conference has been added by JDSU to its Industry View campaign on JDSU (News – Alert).tv. Optical experts have offered their opinions regarding the transformation of transport networks from static to flexible ‘Self Aware’ architectures, in this latest video.

The number of consumers accessing web-based video and other applications through devices like the tablets and smartphones are on the rise. Network equipment manufacturers are therefore expected to meet these increasing bandwidth needs by offering quicker network speeds and improved optical performance. The flexible ‘Self Aware’ (News – Alert) networks are most suitable to fulfill the increasing bandwidth requirements.

“Self Aware Networks are a new set of emerging networks that are far more intelligent,” said Sinclair Vass, Senior Director of Marketing at JDSU. “They are able to understand what is happening in the network and optimize accordingly. This supports bandwidth needs – where you want it and when you want it.”

The JDSU TrueFlex product suite, currently being evaluated by customers, will be used by Self Aware Networks. Network equipment manufacturers can gain from flexible grid spacing with the unique twin wavelength selective switch, incorporated by the TrueFlex suite. Network equipment manufacturers will also be offered enhanced optical performance with compressed footprint for network speeds of more than 100G with the service.

Different types of technologies that influence the everyday are developed and promoted by JDSU. Some of these solutions include rapid, high-quality communications, protected financial transactions, dependable consumer electronics, green energy and differentiated brands.

Communications Test and Measurement, Communications and Commercial Optical Products and Advanced Optical Technologies are three business segments through which JDSU offers its solutions.

The OFC/NFOEC conference is one of the major events for advancing optical solutions and was held during this month at Los Angeles, California.  

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Lantiq Debuts XWAY ARX300 Device Family

By admin, March 30, 2012 9:19 am

Lantiq (News – Alert) asserted that it offers an extensive portfolio of advanced Broadband CPE ADSL2+, VDSL2 and SHDSL single-chip solutions and its SoCs are designed for various deployment scenarios at both home and enterprise environments. The newly released XWAY ARX300 device family will heron feature in Lantiq’s newADSL2/2+ CPE designs.

The company’s CPE, when merged with its high performance network processor technology and state-of-the-art VoIP solutions, are capable of offering comprehensive solutions for a range of broadband gateways.

Lantiq explained that its XWAY family of Network Processors uses MIPS architecture that has a vast infrastructure of industry-standard tools, software and services that help ensure rapid, reliable and cost-effective SoC design. The processors are designed to offer wire speed throughput and some contain multiple USB2.0 Hosts, as well as an Ethernet WAN/LAN interfaces. casino spiele .

The new XWAY ARX300 family comes packed with four SoC derivatives for different system configurations and can help telecom carriers to enhance their ADSL2/2+ services. It features a dual-processor architecture with 500 MHz CPU speed and 32-bit protocol processing engine which removes the load on the application processor completely. The device family is compliant with ITU-T G.992 and 802.11n.e/i/h standards for enabling very high speed data transfer rates which also makes them ideal for processor intensive rich media operations.

“Lantiq’s ARX300 family is the first fully integrated GigE/ADSL/WLAN SoC for routers and IADs. It enables carriers to meet growing demand for triple-play services and in-home Gigabit throughput with significant cost, size and power savings at no system performance compromise. This achievement will open the market to new applications around home connectivity and home automation,” said Rainer Spielberg, vice president of Marketing at Lantiq, in a press release.

In related news, Lantiq unveiled VINAX IVE1000 system-level vectoring engine chip and launched advanced phone chips.

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LS Cable & System wins projects from 3 Middle Eastern countries worth $110 million.

By admin, March 30, 2012 7:34 am

Friday, Mar 30, 2012

On March 22, LS Cable & System (Chairman & CEO: Christopher Koo) announced that the company has won large projects totaling $110 million (about KRW123.1 billion): i.e. $107 million (about KRW120 billion) from Kuwait, $1.44 million (about KRW1.6 billion) from Saudi Arabia, and $1.36 million (about KRW1.5 billion) from Qatar.

LS Cable & System will supply 101.8km of 400kV cables and connectors for the extra high voltage cable construction projects being carried out by the Kuwait Ministry of Electricity & Water and Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation to meet the rapidly increasing demands for electricity and build national infrastructures in the region. And in Saudi Arabia, LS Cable & System will supply and install 157.3km of 132kV gap conductors (refer to glossary) by August for a transmission system project of the Saudi Electricity Company that will connect the southern province of Najran with the southwestern province of Jizan. Importantly, LS Cable & System will earn extra revenues as the company will not simply supply cable products, but also install them.

LS Cable & System said that the company has now advanced into the high-value-added cable market by winning its first orders for 400kV products, which have previously been dominated by European and Japanese companies. By beating the global leading cable makers as well as local companies having a great deal of influence such as Saudi Cable, LS Cable & System has confirmed once again that the company possesses world-class technical know-how and product competitiveness.

“It proves once again that LS Cable & System is No. 1 in the Middle Eastern market,” said Executive Director Jaein Yun of LS Cable & System’s Energy Division. “In the Middle Eastern market, which is growing again so fast that it can be called a ‘second Middle Eastern Boom,’ we will work harder to obtain better results by engaging in systematic customized marketing activities.”


Source: LS Cable & System

Zayo Continues Buying Spree, Acquires Michigan’s Arialink for $18 million

By admin, March 29, 2012 9:40 pm

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Network Adds 162 Miles of Fiber in Colorado

By admin, March 29, 2012 6:41 pm

Through a new alliance between EAGLE-Net and Zyo Group, the residents of Colorado may see their high speed fiber network be expended very soon. The agreement was signed recently between the two companies and should bring a boost to the speed that many households can get through their Internet connection, thanks to the partnership which will see over 162 miles of fiber being lay down across Colorado.

EAGLE-Net is a Colorado intergovernmental entity which operates a co-op initiative to distribute high speed broadband services to more than 230 local community institutions. Under the new agreement, Zayo Group (News – Alert) will extend that capability thanks to the new fiber links. The expanded network will mostly cover locations around Denver and Burlington, in Eastern Colorado.

This is the second such expansion that the two organizations have completed where Zayo already provided EAGLE-Net with over 675 miles of fiber footprint within Colorado and Wyoming. This type of connection allows the various institutions under its jurisdiction to have better connectivity to the broader Internet, along with services from other agencies and organizations.

“This is a very good deal for the company, along with a much needed upgrade for the government entity. It follows earlier deals with other companies. Randy Zila, CEO of EAGLE-Net said “This IRU will help us to fulfill part of the requirements set forth by the $100.6 million Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) infrastructure grant which mandates that the statewide EAGLE-Net network be complete by August 31, 2013.”  

The fiber used is often called dark fiber, which are long stretches of cables lay down for various reasons in the past, mostly as part of the dotcom boom era, and now reused to bring connectivity to rural areas. This dark fiber is present across the country and is often used to provide new connections to places that otherwise would have no high speed access.

Zayo Group owns and manages over 2,421 miles of dark and lit fiber around the Rockey Mountain regions in four different states. Based in Louisville, Colo., the private company provides connectivity to many local ISPs and handles data centers, Internet content and service companies. Zayo was recently named one of the Denver-area’s Fastest Growing Private Companies by the Denver Business Journal.

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XKL Unveils 100G DWDM Universal Starter Kit

By admin, March 29, 2012 2:11 pm

Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) is a technology that synthesizes data from various sources on an optical fiber. Here, each signal is carried simultaneously on its own separate light wavelength. The system tries to eliminate the “fiber exhaust” problem, and many predict it will be the central technology in the optical networks of the future.

XKL (News – Alert), a company providing optical transport system technology, announced they’ve improved the 10G and 40G DWDM transport solutions currently offered in the marketplace. The company unveiled a first generation 100G DWDM Universal Starter Kit that will improve optical channel rates to 100G per lambda.

“100G DWDM optical networking transport requires advanced modulation techniques to meet network operators’ requirements”, Len Bosack (News – Alert), CEO of XKL, stated in a company press release.  “This latest development is one of many we will announce this year as we continue to respond to our customers’ demands for high performance optical networking products.”

XKL has pioneered various engineering innovations in the field of 100G transport technologies, and each one supports core enterprise networks – data centers short on capacity and regional/long haul transmission routes.

XKL’s 100G optical transport systems have the capacity deploy as a requirement for advanced bandwidth applications. They can also aggregate internal service elements within carrier networks.

TMC’s (News – Alert) Jacqueline Lee recently reported that the company introduced new products such as DarkStar line and the DarkStar DSM, which premiered at ITEXPO (News – Alert) in Miami. The DSM offers scalability to a nearly limitless amount of bandwidth like other DarkStar solutions. DSM provides businesses with a realistic entry point to gain more control over their network infrastructure.

Users do not need optical expertise to manage the platform, which, according to XKL, offers both the security and the reliability necessary to allow enterprises to achieve network independence.

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Transition Networks Releases 24-Port Managed All Fiber Switch

By admin, March 29, 2012 12:08 pm

Switching and conversion technology provider Transition Networks (News – Alert) has announced the release of a 24-port managed all fiber switch — the SM24DPA.

“Our dual speed fiber switch provides network operators with a flexible solution for delivering extraordinary Ethernet services over a wide range of fiber facilities,” said Kevin Faulds, director of product management at Transition Networks.

Stated to be suitable for both Metro Ethernet and office applications, the new offering provides IT manager a better way to manage the device via functions such as Quality of Service (QoS), Spanning Tree, and Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP). Moreover, the SM24DPA supports enhanced network security features such as SSH, SSL and TACACS+.

According to industry reports, the unassigned IPV4 IP addresses have reached an exhaustion point. The shortage in these addresses is due to the phenomenal increase in Internet users. The company has built support for both IPV4 and IPV6 protocols into the SM24DPA to address the shortage of IPV4 IP addresses. casino online .

Company officials said that the MIL-SM24DPA will help to future-proof the network of network manager with advanced IPV6 protocols, especially those who have to upgrade their network from IPV4 to IPV6 or are operating a hybrid environment.

Additionally to the Network Managers, the SM24DPA offers the ability to easily integrate fiber optics into their networks via (24) dual speed Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFPs) slots.

Company officials said that a wide array of SFP optical transceivers is also available to offer a broad range of deployment options over multimode and/or single-mode fiber.

Transition Networks offers networking connectivity solutions that make networks perform better, faster and more reliably while helping companies leverage their existing networking infrastructure.

“The company continues to introduce new products and solutions that enable our customers to extend the reach and maximize the value of their Ethernet infrastructure,” Faulds said.

Earlier this month, the company announced its latest Network Interface Device (NID): the S3280. online casino .

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Amdocs Wins Major Contract from Brazilian Carrier

By admin, March 29, 2012 10:10 am

US customer experience systems provider Amdocs (News – Alert) has landed a deal with TIM Brasil, the second largest mobile service provider in Brazil, to provide business and operational support systems for the carrier’s new fiber residential broadband program.

Chesterfield, MO-based Amdocs has not disclosed the financial details of the deal.

Amdocs says its business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS) will speed up the process of launching the service.

TIM’s broadband expansion program comes a year after it acquired AES Atimus, which operated a 5,000-kilometer fiber-optic network in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and other major Brazilian cities.

Amdocs will also provide consulting service to enable TIM Brasil to quickly integrate the Atimus’ network and begin rolling out the broadband services at the earliest.

“Following our acquisition of Atimus’ fiber-optic network last year, we knew that we needed to move quickly to consolidate their network into TIM and rapidly offer the broadband services our customers are demanding,” said Luigi Longarini, chief information officer of TIM Brasil.

Amdocs will serve as systems integrator for its own solutions and those of up to 30 other vendors, providing program management, systems integration testing and user training. casino online .

“Amdocs solutions will enable dynamic pricing bundles, rapid service creation and activation, and responsive customer service, while also helping TIM achieve greater operational efficiencies,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, Amdocs vice president for Product and Solutions Marketing.

Amdocs offers billing and customer relationship management software and managed services to the telecommunications industry. With revenue of approximately $3.2 billion in fiscal 2011, Amdocs has operation in more than 60 countries.

A recent survey commissioned by Amdocs shows how contact centers in most enterprises are turning out to be critical components of business —not just as a means to solve problems and reduce churn, but as valuable information resources to be strategically integrated with sales, marketing, business process automation and a variety of internal workflow issues.

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